Saturday, February 28, 2015

Same Corner....and One or Two?

There was something about that very same top left corner of this crow piece which continued to drive me crazy.  Believe me I'm really against reverse hooking and waiting to see how it looks after more is hooked.  But even later it sent me off the edge.

This is NOW..... you can see there is only a tiny bit more to hook on the right side and I'll be done.
BEFORE.....and, by the way, this photo was changed from the first hooking of the piece; but still didn't like that corner.
If you've been following my journey on this project you know I'd said it was going to be a two-sided HOOKED pillow.  Ummm, now I'm getting cold feet about that.  If it is a two-sided pillow I'd only see one crow half the time until the pillow was flipped.  So am thinking about making them into two pillows..  OR, do I want a pillow and a small table or wall mat? 

I could put one pillow in this room so that I see it when walking thru or sitting at the computer. Or I could have the two pillows in the living room.
For you folks recently starting to read my blog, the handsome pillow on the left with a patchwook background is a pattern by Betsy of Heavens to Betsy; the one on the right is a Magdalena style crow I drew thinking it would be a double sided pillow.  Well now you know the quandary I'm in. 

With only a little left to hook on the right side crow it will be done tomorrow and I'll steam both pieces.  BUT!  I won't be hasty in my decision on how to finish it yet since I'm not sure of making TWO pillows (with solid wool on the other side) or ONE pillow with hooking on both sides. 

And would you believe that this person who HATES binding rugs was actually excited about binding this (these) pillow(s) with the Betsy Reed primitive binding technique she taught in a class. 

I'd LOVE to read your comments on what YOU would do with these two pieces..... one pillow or two pillows with a wool back?  Yeah, yeah, I'm sure some of you are thinking one side pillow and send the other to you.  I didn't get this old without having learned a little about human behavior.

Hope you have a great evening and please let's all be kind to one another.  If only there was more of that going on in the world around us.



  1. I love them both! And since I do, I would make them into two pillows so I could continue to enjoy them both at the same time. Hugs, Sher

  2. Saundra, I'd make two pillows in a heart beat. They look like they belong together like kindred spirits. They are both very beautiful.
    Now on with the pillows, no need to think about it, they both belong together and are too nice to only show one at a time.

  3. My vote: 2 pillows, they can take turns switching sides of the sofa. I love them both.

  4. I would use both as two pillows, they look wonderful together on the couch and similar enough to go together, but different enough to take a second look.


  5. We hookers are a greedy bunch, I was going to say ship one to Georgia. LOL! I would do two pillows. I agree with Julia , they look like they were made for each other.

  6. Sandra...
    I think they are both wonderful and deserve to be seen so you keep one and send me the other and I promise to display it with pride and admiration. ;-)
    I've enjoyed the journey...

  7. I would make one pillow & one mat, but that is because I am not a fan of making pillows!! I say do what you want, cause you are at the age you can do that!!

  8. I vote for two pillows :)
    they look awesome on your sofa!

  9. My vote is for two pillows... Or even better, why not two wall pieces?... And then you might find you need a third - perhaps a crow in a nest?

  10. I think I already told you two pillows is the way to go. They are both so wonderful no sense in seeing only one.
    Snowing again...sigh.
    Hugs :)

  11. I vote for two pillows or a pillow and add a border to one and make a table mat. Love them both.


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