Monday, February 16, 2015

Hunkering Down with the Crows

Yup, still in the single digits here and going to get lots of snow ALL night and into the morning.  How much you ask?  Well depends on which section the wind dividing line goes; could be between 6" to 11".  Yeah, I know it doesn't compare to some of you poor folks who have endured FEET of snow and more snow on top of that. 

However you look at it, we all need to hunker down and try to keep warm best we can and keep ourselves entertained.  I'm hunkering down with my crows.  Am still on Betsy's Crow pattern and am happier now that I removed the orange section just above the crow's head.  Here is my Betsy crow pillow now; yes, there is SOME orange but am hoping the textured piece would work better than what was hooked before.  You can let me know what you think.
This is what it looked like yesterday.
Can't wait to finish this side and start of the Magdalena side.  Even tho I'm hunkering down with my two crows and my big boy Ben not sure how much hooking will actually happen.  There's no one here to shovel snow other than me, and my boy needs a walk to the yard, so Mom will shovel out a space in the back as a last resort.  Also as a safety precaution I try to keep my front and back steps safe for me. 

I was without heat 4 days in January until there was a new furnace installed.  THEN after  3 weeks the blower motor burned up in the NEW furnace which left me without heat for 2 days.  Right now I'm so thankful to have heat so snow is something I can long as I have HEAT!!!!!

Don't forget your pets.  Please let them inside.



  1. Your crow rug is looking just so awesome. You're really working your magic on this one.

    I sure hope that you that you will be safe and please, be careful shovelling that snow.

    All this snow and cold will soon be a bad memory and mosquitoes will take over.


  2. Loving it, I think the simpler designs are the best.
    We are on the line too, so we shall see what we get, when it gets here.


  3. Much better without that bright orange!
    Yes, we are lucky not to be in Boston, Maine (Julie), Nova Scotia (Kim) etc., but sorry. It still sucks!
    Be safe out there.
    Hugs :)

  4. You have such a great and inspiring attitude. I like the more muted orange you put in over the crows head. It fits your color plan better. Hugs, Kat

  5. wouldn't have noticed the bright orange but the change is perfect! We've been cold with lots of snow this week...but nothing like the north east...looking forward to seeing the other side soon ;-)

  6. Like the change with the Orange to the more rustic color. The whole rug is looking wonderful, really like your color choices. I have to shovel paths and an open area for the Basset Hound...the snow is too deep for her short legs. She does appreciate her cleared paths. Enjoy your snow and your heat. :)

  7. The crow is looking great. Like the toned down orange better. Stay warm, you and Mr. Ben!

  8. The crow and background are looking great!!!

  9. The crow and background are looking great!!!

  10. Will this be for sale? Either way...he is GLORIOUS!!!!!


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