Sunday, February 22, 2015

Inspirational Tavern Signs

Since my son and DIL are putting an addition on their house, part of the large structure will include a play room.  I'm sure my son and his friends will spend their time there playing pool and enjoying a bit of brew.  So this morning I went in search of inspiration to hook a tavern sign for his (their) yet-to-be-finished room. 

Oh my, I found a couple inspirational for him but LOTS for ME.  Isn't that the way it is when you go gift shopping for someone else see everything you want?  So I'm showing you the ones I like.

I LOVE this sign because it is quirkey and because it has a crow in it.  It was prior to 1892 for "Crowfut's Inn", in Oxford.  I wanna hook it!
Another I'm inspired to do from a tavern sign (again for me), but then I like the antique rug below it too so there will be an internal fight to decide which gets hooked.
Interesting enough I also found some tavern signs hooked by other people during this search.  Here are two:
Look what else I stumbled upon....none other than the artwork of Lori Brechlin!
Another one I like is this Raven. 
Actually I have lots more tavern signs saved but couldn't put them all here so chose my first favs.  Seems I'm in a pickle now because there are so many images which  interest me.  Perhaps that means I should hook one which strikes my fancy and when I hook it he will enjoy it anyway??  I've thought of the words "Porter's Tavern" (well that wouldn't be good for the Crowfuts Inn but that one would be for ME) or could call it Porter's (or Greg's) Man Cave.  I'm thinking he'd like the 'man cave' wording best.
Perhaps I'm in a self-enduced visual, sensory overload and need to step away from Pinterest, finish making my vegetable soup, and work on hooking my Magdalena style crow. 
Today there were above freezing temperatures here and after the snow of Tuesday, the snow and sleet from yesterday, then the 40* temps of today produced all the slush outside.   At least it isn't below freezing or snowing but haven't listened to the forecast so tomorrow will be a surprise.  Have a great evening everyone. 


  1. I love the raven in his red top coat !
    Stay warm !

  2. I like the raven too. Whatever you choose, it will be a fun project

  3. I am voting on the raven, but am. Big fan of Lori B. Work also. Anxious to see what u choose.

  4. The crow's foot gets my vote love it but really there is not a bad one in the bunch. What a great gift for your son.

  5. What inspiration! I love the whale the best.
    Hugs :)

  6. They are all nice. I like your enthusiasm about thinking what your next project will be. You can't go wrong with a crow or a whale.

    Have a whale of a time that you can crow about.
    Wishing you a great week.

  7. I love tavern signs, but hard to find antique ones. Most of the ones you find are reproductions from painters who do them and not copyright free. Not sure where they get the ideas, from original antiques or they make them up.


  8. Great subject for a rug. Sometimes eye candy takes up my time vs actual hooking and stitching. Keeps me motivated to create though. It made it to a sunshiny 30* yesterday; we got hot when we went snowmobiling. But once the sun started down behind the trees it got cool fast. Tired of the brutal cold and wind this winter.

  9. wow! that is a throwback for me!!!! thanks for reminding me of my little Witch's Inn tavern sign my friend! I'm sure whatever you choose to hook, it will be wondrous :)


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