Thursday, February 12, 2015

Deja vu

Remember when I shared my experience without heat four days in January?  Which required a brand new furnace?  Remember that?  Well yesterday I had no heat...AGAIN.  The NEW furnace was making a different sound and the room next to the furnace room smelled funny.  So I called the service man who dropped by after his work day ,(yesterday).

He said the motor on the new furnace had overheated and could get one this morning and install it.  Yes, I'm under warranty but I wanted heat!  It got quite cold in the house and I slept under an electric blanket. 

This morning he arrived with a new motor for the 3 week old furnace.  When he turned on the unit, the furnace kicked in.  So he said he'd keep the new motor here just in case it did need replacement in the near future.  Service man left and in 15 minutes I called to tell him it was making that same unusual noise and he returned.  Yup, motor too hot to touch in just 15 minutes so it needed replace in the real close future.

The motor was installed and all looked good he said, the cover on the unit was replaced and he left.  He said he'd call in an hour to see how things were going.  I didn't wait the hour because there was nothing but cold air coming thru the heat registers.  At 4:30 he stopped by again to see what happened.  When he put the door back on the unit he accidently knocked a 'safety' wire off which prevents the flame to heat up.  Now FINALLY, all is working and the house temperature is going back up.  Let's hope it stays that way.

Okay, finally to hooking related....previously I told you that Betsy's Crow pattern was going to be made into a pillow.  Here's the wee bit of hooking managed during the cold two days, which isn't much.
But a few days ago I started the prep for the pillow edge ~ that primitive edge which was used on another pillow I made as well as my Chicken Challenge rug.  First thing I did was rip plain cotton fabric crosswise in 2 1/2" strips.
Next I sewed them together end to end.  Normally for clothing or wool binding I'd miter the ends and sew them that way, but this is going to be bunched up together on the edge and the more primitive and naïve the better.  Oh, that light but coffee dyed thread is embroidery thread which is part of the edging on the pillow.
Next it was a wash cycle to remove the sizing, then in the dryer where the got good and tangled.  Yup, a mess to separate with all the loose threads but makes it nice and wrinkled too.  Then rolled in a ball awaiting for it's task when the pillow is ready.
Hopefully it will be an uneventful evening and I'll still have heat in the morning.  Just checked the thermostat and it has risen from 54 degrees in the house to 59 degrees and furnace still working in stage 2 (propane).  The next few days will become even more cold so hope this new motor lasts.  I was extremely stressed out yesterday and last night, and frankly today also. 

Hope everyone has a great evening and will be warm.



  1. Hope your heater is doing it's job! Our house was 64 degrees this Florida! I only turn the heat up when it goes into the 50's inside...we hate that dry heat! Your crow is wonderful...his colors are perfect.
    Hope this finds you warm and toasty.

  2. Wow, that's scary to be overheating like that. I'm glad your repairman came back faithfully. A glass of wine will warm your insides :). Loving that crow.

  3. That would make me mad, can't even buy new without problems and it seems everything I buy falls apart. Glad it was fixed, bad enough to not have heat, but you don't need to catch your house on fire.


  4. You say stressed, I would be %#ssed. Hope all goes well for you.

  5. It's terrible when a new furnace is not working like it should. Nothing is built with lasting intention. All major appliances are like that now. Everything is so complicated.

    I'm glad that the repairman was able to fix your heat problem. I'd be very annoyed to say the least.
    I hope it will work like it's supposed to.

    Your rug is looking nice and I love how your colors are all going together.
    Stay warm.

  6. No wonder you were stressed with no heat plus all those complications!! It's amazing you could get any work done on your pillow top, which I love by the way, still watching, trailing along after you! hugs!

  7. Your Crow and background are looking great Saundra!!
    Happy to hear your heater is working!!!!
    Stay warm and cozy hooking your rug!!!

  8. Happy to hear your heater is fixed. You need to keep those hooking hands of yours warm! Love the new rug!

  9. I do hope you still have heat!
    One of these days I MUST try that Betsy finish.
    Hugs :)

  10. Hope you're warm and toasty by that crow!


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