Friday, February 20, 2015

Magdalena style Crow

Was hoping to make a drum roll presentation BUT, my time has been spent trying to keep my birds fed who still go hungry because of the blackbirds who bully the feeders. AND, breaking up ice build-up around my pond water flow to keep the pond from freezing too much.  I do not recall a duration of time where there were such low temps for so long in this area.

Moving right along...... this is all that was accomplished on my Magdalena style crow.  As you can see from the blue and black drawings on the backing I'm not sure what my future is with this design.
Once I finally decide what I want to do there will be a pattern for sale...I think.  Guess it depends on how it turns out since I've no idea where I'm going at this point.  Well at least you can watch me floundering around, doing the back stroke and all that stuff.

Hope all of you are warm and comfy.  I've come to realize that as long as I have heat in my house I'll be okay.  Having been without heat 4 days in January and again 2 days in February after the NEW furnace had a faulty part, it is nice to have heat now.  Must admit I'm always on edge now, listening for unusual sounds and looking at the thermostat.

Wishing all my friends a safe and warm weekend.



  1. The rug is coming along nicely. We have squirrels who hog the feeder. We got the tier style and they get in and lay down, then help themselves. We do get crows but they take off if I go out on the porch.


  2. looking forward to see what you do next. Yes we have been so cold I am so tired of it. It was blowing and cold today with the wind chill it was minus 17.

  3. The crow is pretty confident that you'll come up with a great design and so do I.

    My power bill came in today and although I was away for 10 days, my power pill went through the roof for the past month, over doubled what it was last year even with a new energy efficient stove. This house is so big but I love it...

    I'm not amused but we must keep warm.
    Stay safe and warm.

  4. Gee, I mean my power bill, lol...

  5. I do love a crow!
    this looks as if it will be smashing : )


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