Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ready for an Antique Rug Show?

Since I don't want my very patient and loyal followers getting bored, thought I'd share a few antique rugs.  When I saw this one knew I had to send a picture to Polly Minick since she loves antique rugs and hooks lots of stars.
Just found this one today.
This is different with the combination of geometric and floral.
A New England rug and evidently the sides of the rug are cut off in the picture since the scrolls don't show up. 
Another rug with scrolls, which intrigues me for both the color and scrolls.  I may have shown this one before and I like it.  So far I've only hooked one rug with scrolls, it is the rug posted below this one.
This E.S. Frost Sheep rug hangs over my fireplace mantel and was hooked by me.  I offer the pattern and found scrolls a bit of work to draw.....but I do it.  One day there will be another rug with scrolls that I will hook.
Sure do love this old drab rug and guess it is a tree of life.
For the cat lovers.  I like that border too.
Cats with horse shoe corners.  How cool, I received a comment that Margo White hooked this rug and adapted it from an antique.  She said it was hooked in 1996 and subsequently sold the rug.  Thanks for letting me know Margo!
And another.  Actually I've numerous cat rugs but think I've posted the others.
Guess my dog lovers need equal time.
And another doggie rug.
I like this rug, just saw it today.  He looks like either a railroad engineer or conductor.  Wonder if there were tongues on the other end; if so they didn't appear in this photo.  I like the piece.
In my collection of antique rug pictures I have 3 peacock rugs, all different.  I'm guessing hidden down deep in me is a desire to hook one?  Hmmm, not feeling it right now though.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. 


  1. Oh, I do like that tree of life and the second peacock rug is fun.
    Happy Valentine's day from snowy Ohio with falling temperatures :(
    Hugs :)

  2. I Love looking at old hooked rugs, so many neat ones on Pinterest. It is snowing like crazy here again ...I'm sick of Winter !!! Keep toasty warm , happy hooking & Happy Valentines Day !!!

  3. Saundra, The 9th rug down of the 3 cats with the horse shoes in the corner.......well that is a rug I hooked in 1996 and I signed it MW with the 96 on there. I adapted it from an antique rug but I'm sure this is one I hooked and sold. Glad you and others are thinking it is an antique as that is what I wanted it to look like!
    Margo White

  4. Great rugs and i do like the man, and a nice idea for a remake with a train look for a little boy.


  5. Hey there....I really enjoyed the rug show. Happy V Day! Hugs, Kat

  6. I like all of them, but I think I like the animal ones best!

  7. Thanks for the antique rug show Saundra.
    I tried drawing a twisted ribbon around my Childhood
    Memory rug and couldn't get it to be even ... Scrolls would be even more complicated.

    Winter isn't done with torturing us yet.
    Happy Valentine day anyway.

  8. Always fun to look at rugs; thanks for the really good show. ;)

  9. Hi Saundra~
    Do you know if the Peacock rugs have been reproduced? I love the 1st best!!!
    Enjoy your blog!!


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