Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Hobo Joe Update

For sure the hooking of Joe will be done before I leave for rug camp Sunday morning 9/20.  And it will be bound in time to make the show at camp along with the other 12 pieces I've hooked since last year's show. But before everyone gasps at the number, just remember that these weren't humongous rugs as several were mats but still fun and entertaining for me to hook.

When hooking Joe's shirt thought about hooking buttons down the front but was afraid that would be too distracting so just hooked a strip of wool like is around his hat.
There's only that bit of background to hook and perhaps the green circle around the eye....not sure about that change yet.  Since the cotton binding was sewn on once the perimeter was determined it will be an easy and quick binding job.

There are chores to be done here before I can leave for camp and since the weather is going to change will hold off packing a suitcase until Friday.  Saturday I will load the car so that I can leave early Sunday morning to the Lewes/Cape May Ferry to catch my ferry ride over.  Of course Ben will need tending and walking before that so he will be okay until the house/Ben sitter arrives.  I haven't liked placing any of my dogs in a kennel as it is not their fault I wish to enjoy myself and they shouldn't have to pay the price for my pleasure.  

Soooo, IF Hobo Joe is bound before leaving for camp what will I work on the night before camp and before Kris gets to me?  Don't know yet but I'll have something.

Hope you all have a good evening.  Right now at 5:31 pm. the temperature in Seaford, DE is 90*.  Yup, but things will change beginning tomorrow I believe.  Now you know why packing the suitcase will be a challenge.



  1. This year weather sure has been crazy. It's 81 @ 3:40 PT tomorrow 89 and Friday forecast is 94, This is crazy, but starting on Monday it will be in the 70's again. Hobo Joe is looking good, I love his bow tie. What made you decide to use green as your background?

  2. I like his eyes. I envy your upcoming trip

  3. Our weather started changing today in Ohio so should be on the way to you. Nice welcome change from the heat & humidity we've had the past 2 weeks. I see you have put your initials in the background. Is that for security purposes? I need to start doing that!

  4. I knew you would finish before camp!!!
    Still no time to pull loops here. Soon the hook ins will be done and I will have time to pick up the hook.
    HJ is very cool.
    Hugs :)

  5. I love him Saundra!! Have fun at camp!!

  6. you have to admit you hook a lot! I love him and have lots of fun at your retreat.


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