Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cape May 10 Days and Counting

Little by little I'm getting my act together for Cape May camp, a/k/a Rugs by the Sea.  As with most rug camps and hook-ins there is a camp store or individual shops.  In the case of Cape May there is one camp store run by the organizers and hookers may bring their wares to put in the shop for a fee.

Since I no longer do shows think I'll take some of my Fall/Halloween items to sell and what doesn't sell there will go on etsy or eBay when home.  These four wool applique Jacks will go but NOT that cute mat which was hooked by Tonya Robey of MadHen.
Jack-O-Lynne, the cotton painted pumpkin doll with spider wings will go too.
Three variations of this Candy Corn Cat will be in the booth.
A hooked face Witch Doll goes too.  No, she isn't very pretty but then witches aren't supposed to be are they?  BTW, that Faux pumpkin container was made by me.  A group of my gal pals would get together to work on a project and one of us would teach a class.  A friend taught us gals how to make our own antique style mache Jack.  Matter of fact, we even made a snowman container so perhaps I'll show you that in December.
There are three acorn pincushions left from my shows.  This one is on a ceramic pedestal.  
There are two others which have a needle keep attached which folds and snaps shut.
It will be nice to rid myself of these items and perhaps someone at rug camp will find one interesting for the season and go home with them.

The last two years I've taken some Dorr natural primitive linens in various sizes which have serged edges.  They seemed to be a hit for people who either forgot their pattern, changed their mind on the project, or take home and draw a design when feeling creative.

I'd thought of hooking more flower pins but just wasn't in the mood. What's fun is tricking my mind when something sells that the cost of items purchased at rug camp was at a reduced cost since you sold something. lol.  That's the mentality we women have with a sale...."But honey, I saved money!"  Well the only "honey" I have is my boy Ben and he doesn't care as long as he gets his hugs, rubs, food and shelter.  

Speaking of my boy Ben.  I want to share a picture I've never posted of him.  This was our first meeting out of 3 before I adopted him.  Having had a bad experience with Bella, an adoption, wanted to be sure Ben would work.  Got out of the car and said, "Hi Ben, I know you but you don't know me".   I asked him to sit and this is the photo I took.  
This is a later photo of my boy Ben with a toy and a Bully Stick. Folks, adoption is great and I've a good boy here.
Hope you all have a great evening and happy hooking.



  1. Those applique Jacks are too cute. Who is the pattern designer---or is it you?

  2. Those applique Jacks are too cute. Who is the pattern designer---or is it you?

  3. Love Ben's shiny coat. And that first pix would have been love at first sight for me. But then I might have a dog problem or so I've been told.

  4. Gorgeous bunch of goodies. And Ben sure is a handsome fella.

  5. Damn girl. What can't you do? You made a mache jack???
    All the items are just too cute. Hope you sell lots.
    Hugs :)

  6. Oh, and that pic of Ben when you first met is too precious.

  7. That picture of Ben is adorable. How can you not adopt someone that darn cute??? He's a great boy for you. I think your items will sell. Have a great time! I wish I was going!! Cindy

  8. Thanks for nothing, Saundra. You have officially made me feel worse about not getting to go to a rug camp where we might actually meet. No, you had to throw in the goodies you have to sell. When you get back, please put what you have left on your etsy page. I hate eBay, they ripoff the sellers way too much.
    If I liked Rotties, Ben would have gone home with me. But, since I was attacked by a pitbull, I am uncomfortable around big dogs. So my adoption search is for a much smaller variety.


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