Thursday, September 3, 2015


Today I managed to pull a few loops on Hobo Joe, a design by Lucille Festa (American Country Rugs).  I continue to be amazed how different a hooked piece looks at a distance or seeing it on the monitor vs just under my nose. Now it appears Joe's eyes need to be more prominent. While I did want that green circle outline maybe it needs to be a darker green.  In planning stage the bright yellow green seemed like a good idea .... then.
For Joe's body thought I'd use a black which has an orange stripe thru it.  This was a piece of Moda wool that Polly Minick generously gave me one year and think this is the first time I've used it.  And for his bow tie thought I might try one of the two black and white textures shown as I've lots of worms for each of those.

Today I had my annual flu shot.  While asking for the shot the drug store employee told me there is now a Pneumonia Booster shot.  Even tho I had a shot a few years ago this booster covers other strains of pneumonia.  So I got that one too and was told I'm covered for the rest of my life.  Sure hope that's a long time because there too damn much wool in this house to use up before I go anywhere.

Still having computer woes with Windows 10 and still no Windows Update for those issues.  Haven't made much progress on that new web site either as I'm still trying to find out how to navigate that program. But did notice that the link on my blog still takes me to the old now defunct web site.

Am looking forward to less humid and less hot weather and tomorrow is the day it begins; just in time for the Labor Day weekend.

Hugs to all.



  1. Hobo joe is fun! Tomorrow is supposed to cooler here too. Looking forward to it

  2. Hobo Joe is so dapper! I think the green around his eyes is a great choice and love the black and white for his bow tie. We were a lot less humid here today...always a welcome change.

  3. Hi Saundra , I went back and have been enjoying your posts from the last month. I love the green in your Hester cat. I am sorry you have been having so much problems with your computer . As always you inspire me. I love your work . Hugs cheri

  4. This is such a fun piece, love how it is coming out.


  5. I'm not real big on Halloween desings, but I love this one. Love his smile!!

  6. Joe is looking like a fun caracter. I think I would like darker green for his eyes too because his mouth is standing out more than the eyes. Just my little opinion... what do I know?


  7. I hope your weekend is off to a great start. I know Hobo Joe is.
    Yippee!!! I can finally leave a comment from my desktop. Hallelujah!!!
    Hugs :)


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