Friday, September 11, 2015

Traditional Hooking

That is what I do and what most of us do, albeit adding a little flair using various textiles, and elements to create what we envision. Actually our foremothers used various textiles in their sewn and hooked rugs too. Their work was done out of  necessity because most folk couldn't afford an imported rug so had to make do and use their resources at hand.

Farm folk usually had burlap from chicken feed, grain etc. so that was most widely used as the foundation fabric.  Sometimes the print of a chicken on the feed sack would be the main motif for the hooker or perhaps she would flip the sack over and draw her own naive and primitive design on the back with a piece of charcoal from the fire place.

When I first started doing shows at the Lewes Historical Society I would dress in costume since the shows were at their historical village. Below is how I dressed, and yes that is me.....back in the day.
While doing these shows it was always fun to have people come up and inquire what I was doing.  I'd explain it was traditional hooking, would demonstrate with the strips of wool. Many would say  "I used to do that in college".  Naturally I'd laugh to myself and ask if it was with pre-cut yarn (it was always acrylic I'm sure), and they would reply yes but the hook was different.  That is when I'd try desperately to educate them on Traditional Rug Hooking.  It wouldn't be a lecture, but a short education.

Okay, so I've a follower in need here and hope someone can help. There is a gal getting back into hooking after a few years and lives in southeastern Indiana and doesn't know any hookers. She would like to get with someone or a group as she thinks she'd catch up and gain a lot of information as well as friendships.  If you know someone or a group who gather in the southeastern Indiana area please email Colleen HERE.

Okay kiddies, I'm almost done with my project and pondering what to do next.  Hope someone out there can help Colleen.  Have a great weekend.



  1. Don't you look mighty fine in costume. I demo at our county fair and have the same trouble explaining the difference between traditional rug hooking and latch hooking.

  2. What a great pic! I've had the same experience when I say I rug hook...people think of latch hook. But then they get the spiel about traditional rug hooking and are always amazed.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  3. I've had the same experience with one of our breakfast friend who said the same thing. I used to hook rugs with a latch hook.
    You look so tame and domesticated. Where's your glass of wine Saundra?

    I'm here in Ottawa trying to catch up on commenting. My back is just about killing me. I'm never at the computer very long each day as I use snippets of time.

    I've been visiting lots of blogs but I feel like I'll never catch up.



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