Sunday, September 27, 2015

Time for some Cape May Photos

And so the week's adventure began as we arrived at The Chalfonte last Sunday.  This rug is a design of Bev Conway and was hooked by Ellen Savage.
I thought this design with it's quote was fun.  It is called Resistance by Judy Phillips.
The rug below was the very first hooked piece by Dorothy Marcus at the age of 85 years old.  Quite incredible I'd say.
Below is Big Whale by Lucille Festa and below that is the whole picture of her 1856 Floral.

Animals and Ferns is hooked by Judy Phillips too.  BTW, it was Judy and her friend Jill who were the new participants in classes at Cape May last week, so keep those names fresh in your mind til later.
 Antique Hearts by Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios.
 Oak Leaves and Acorns is a design by Cindi Gay, on the right is Fiore' and both were hooked by Karen Buchheit.
Below is Blackbird Sampler and Falling Down.
By Alex Mathiasen is his Cat's Meow.
And Lucille's Crows Song is below.
Daisy is a pattern offered  and hooked by Kris Miller.
Okay, here are some fun pictures.  I always enjoy Cape May where laughs and friendships abound.  But think that between the hour of 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. dinner on Thursday evening I laughed as hard as had been laughed all the rest of the week.  

It all started out as Judy invited Deb and me for a Marguerita.  It has been years since I'd enjoyed a marguerita and it was as good as I can ever remember having.  The group grew and Judy kept us all entertained.

Here is half the group; the other half will be in the next photo.  From left to right is me, Cheri Reid with hair in a bun, Kris' sister Amanda and Judy providing some entertainment.
Then on the other side of the circle of friends is Jill Parisian, Mary Lou Bleakley and Kris Miller.
 Also joining in the fun is Mary Lou's daughter Elise and not shown but taking the picture is my pal Deb.
We had a magnificent time at Rugs by the Sea once again, this would be my 12th year attending this magnificent camp.  There are more rugs to show so stay tuned.  Have a good Sunday evening and hope your week is as great.



  1. Nice pics on the porch. And gorgeous rugs to enjoy. I think Resistance is my favourite because that's me! Lol

  2. Yay! fun times ! good memories in the making ~ beautiful rugs :)

  3. Saundra, the Oak Leaves & Acorns rug above (designed by Cindi Gay) was also hooked by Karen Buchheit (me!). It was great being with you in Kris Miller's class!
    I love your blog....

  4. Thanks for the show!!!
    I know Karen. Small world, isn't it?
    Hope we see lots more.
    Hugs :)


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