Saturday, September 26, 2015

Back From Nirvana

Oh but did I have a fantabulous time!!!!  Nirvana at its finest.  My gal pal Deb and I always have a great time at the Cape May rug camp known as Rugs by the Sea.  Laughs, kinship and fun always abounds but this year the laugh meter was off the charts.

When Deb and I signed up for the second week we were sure that we'd be strangers and not know anyone there.  Turns out we knew most of the attendees.  There were a couple new ladies but not new to hooking. You will read more about them in another post.  

Have been perusing my photos, reducing the size and naming them , which takes time.  So until I can give you a rug show, pictures of some antics and goings on, will show you my camp rug.  The "Nantucket Broom Ride" is a design by Lori Brechlin of NotForgottenFarm and offered by Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios.  
Kris and I were on the same page when it came to color planning my whale.  We liked the idea of having a blotchy primitive antique look to the whimsy of a Goode Witch.  Just LOVE how it turned out.  All the wools used for the whale were those I took.

Okay, the elephant in the room is the witch's costume, background and value.  Yup, I'm quite aware of that.  There is a NIGHT SKY which demands a dark background.  Witches usually wear black or purple and I wanted purple.  On Kris' wise suggestion was a 'halo' effect with a lighter wool around her.  But there is an arm along the purple body which is outlined in black (perhaps too thick cut by me).  There is the other arm with the halo which makes that section very confusing.  For now I'm "....going to hook what I know" and deal with the witch later.

Folks, this is not my first class with Kris Miller and will happily attend another.  If you have the opportunity to take her class grab it before the class fills.

Oh, FYI ~ thought I was running away from computer problems when going to Cape May.... HA!  Had my iPad there and received and sent messages for 1 day and then nada.  Comcast messages stopped arriving on my iPad as well as for other folks at camp with a Comcast address. Today I called Comcast, the first tech person tried to help and sent 'test' messages.  Those 'test' messages arrived on my PC but not my iPad.

Apple had an ios update for iPad but wasn't related to this issues.  It is definitely a Comcast issue because while at Cape May I included my gmail address to communicate with my house/Ben sitter and was able to send and receive.  SO..... IF..... you have a Comcast email and not getting messages on your iPad contact your local Comcast office.

Have a great evening everyone. My suitcases still aren't fully empty and still so much to do to catch up.  Ya know, having fun is exhausting, lol.



  1. Welcome home! So glad that you had a fun time. And I agree with you...Kris is a wonderful teacher. Your rug looks beautiful. And I like how your witch glows! Can't wait to hear more about your week!

  2. Glad you're back and had a great time. Looking forward to seeing more pics. That witchy whale is a great pattern. I've never seen it before

  3. Hi Saundra, I love your witch and whale. It sounds like a glorious time at rug camp! Oh how I envy you lol. Hugs cheri

  4. looks like you all had fun! I would love to take a class with Kris ;) your rug is coming along nicely!!!!!! can't wait to see all your photos of camp

  5. I so love that pattern. So glad you had a good time but sorry for the computer issues.


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