Thursday, September 17, 2015

My New Hooking Project

First an update on the wool sale as there were a couple late comers wanting wool.  All the unwashed wool has been sold and even a little washed natural wool has left the premises too (at a higher price of course).  But for now the sale is over.  Who knows what will happen in a month or two as the wool shelves are still bursting at the seams.  

Okay kiddies.... this is the rug pattern on my frame now.  It is called Flag Day Sheep and is a pattern by Woolley Fox.  It measures 22 x 27.
Have had this pattern on linen for a few years now and held off hooking it because I truly loved this rug which is another Woolley Fox design and called Woolley Sheep.   Do you see how similar they are albeit facing different directions?
Well okay, there is also the different border (plain vs. hit and miss blocks), the one I have has a sliver moon which I LIKE.  Sooooo, what was one to do other than pull out my Sharpie and make a few changes. Actually some of the early changes were on the linen I first posted and wish I'd taken a picture of the pattern before doing that so you could see it's original state.

This is all I've accomplished so far.  Hmm, I'm using grey and white herring bone on my sheep and it looks different than Barb's, more blue/grey.  So perhaps Barb used a black and white herringbone.  Oh well, I'm not ripping out as it will look good to me and the white will dirty up a tad from use so no worries there either.  Up close that white has some pink, blue and grey flecks in it.
In order to get more organized to leave on Sunday there were some chores which needed attending to.  Today was laundry day, did a smidge of cleaning so my home/Ben sitter won't know how dusty my house really is, but there is still more to do.  Also washed my van and cleaned it inside too.  My mag wheels are shining, the vinyl in the van is clean and windows inside are free of Ben's nose and bark splatter from his recent ride to the vet for the annual physical.

Tomorrow there is one more box of wool to ship out even tho the check hasn't arrived yet.  The gal said it could wait until returning home from camp but I'd rather ship early, know it is done and can relax.

Hope everyone has a great evening.



  1. Well I love that pattern. It would be fun to hook. And second, you need some practice on prolonging the tease.......bahahaha

  2. love your new rug...and the inspiration for the changes...I do the same thing...have fun on your trip...

  3. Very nice pattern. I love sheep rugs but never made one yet.

    I'm the same way when I go away, I like everything tidy and in order but this time I wasn't quite ready. Too much stuff to do. i packed my bags just before going to bed.

    Hope you have a great day tomorrow.

  4. Wonderful pattern and I have something similar. A friend gave it to me since it is on monks, so I was thinking of punching the sheep with yarn, then hooking the rest.


  5. I have that pattern, Great minds travel parallel paths :). I'm sure yours will be perfection.
    You'll be leaving on Sunday and I'll one heading home.
    Happy hooking :)

  6. I'm kinda sad that you're not hooking the flag on the sheep, but it will still be a really fun rug. You got a nice start on it!


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