Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hester the Cat

I was going to title it Hester the Halloween Cat but Hester could be out there all fall if I wanted.  Here is the front of Hester.
As I was going to sit in a doctor office for a while today decided to take the mat with  me to bind.  Now it is bound and ready to take to Cape May for the rug show.  So decided to bind it using some candy corn Halloween cotton fabric since I'm purging my cotton fabrics.  Hey, may as well use them to bind rugs, right?  I think it looks great on the back.

Now only if I could get the technology to play nice with me.  


  1. Thanks for sharing the front and the back side.

    He turned out really it.

  2. I bet you got lots of positive comments and questions about the rug in the doctor's office.
    Hester is ready for Fall.

    You worked that one pretty fast. I wish I would finish off my rugs before putting one on the frame. It's getting ridiculous having unfinished rugs rolled up in the closet.

  3. Love how you did the binding. I wish I could fix your tech troubles :(

  4. Hester looks great, Saundra.
    Keep working with your new computer. Little by little you will master it !

  5. love the candy corn…..have a problem with it myself….love to eat it!

  6. Hester looks great! Don't you just wish you could wiggle your nose and make the computer do what you want.

  7. I love that cat Hester what a great job!


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