Tuesday, September 1, 2015


The only change I'm looking forward to is the view on the veranda in Cape May at the Victorian Chalfonte Hotel.  Our spot would be on the second floor to the left about where that orange color is.  
I'm not sure if anyone really likes change, unless it is good fun change. With the crash of my Windows 7 computer I lost my web site. Conveniently the end of the service contract with the web host was up in 19 more days. Since I'd have to buy new software, extend my costly contract for another year with them decided to go with a free web site builder but keep my domain name.  My old web site will still be active until sometime tomorrow morning.  But if you want to see a photo of me as well as my pals Deb and Char on the veranda enjoying the good life click on my new IN PROGRESS WEB SITE

Remember this is still a work in progress as I'm learning how to function the new venue software.  So if you are confused, if the site goes wacky or you want a pattern please contact me as not all my patterns are shown.

Yes, things will look quite different and it is STILL a work in progress as I've got to look up sizes of the designs and try and retrieve the pricing.

Oh but I wish that my hum drum boring life would return so that I could get more ready for Cape May rather than building another web site and learning a new computer which is still not working right, BTW.

Have a good evening everyone; it was much hotter than normal for this time of year and tomorrow is to be the same.



  1. I'm just going to take a wild guess and assume you're the one in the photos holding a glass of wine......lol

  2. Your website looks great. I don't see anything wrong with it.

    I think you should have a glass of red and relax a bit. You've done a lot.


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