Saturday, September 5, 2015


I've managed to pull a few more loops while trying to get ready for Cape May which is just two weeks away. Lest we forget also having daily tasks of a home, yard and pet ownership. 

I decided where I wanted the last row of hooking and sewed on a cute cotton rug binding.  This will make binding the rug at the end a lot easier.  I only do this IF I know for sure that my pattern demarcation is defined.
As you can see in the picture above the bow tie isn't complete since I'm not sure if that is the wool I'll keep.  AND..... am still thinking about that green circle around the eye and think I want it darker.  Again, continuing to hook until I am closer to the finished piece.  Hey, there's a lot of background and body to hook yet which may influence my decisions.  

As previously mentioned, this pattern was intended to be a "door hanger" and is a design by American Country Rugs .  But I decided to make him into a mat and took some creative license.

Have a good evening everyone.



  1. A very nice job on your friendly Hobo and I love his Bowtie too. Ya gotta love that big smile that won't quit.

    I never sewed the binding until the rug is done. That must be the reason I never finish binding my rugs. Who knows.

    Lucky you for going to another hooking weekend with the girls at Cape May. Have fun and think of me stuck here working away till 9:00pm most nights.

  2. love him we have been busy and hot so no loops have been pulled.


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