Thursday, December 10, 2015

A House with a Picket Fence

Started hooking the picket fence on my project A Day in the Country by Tonya Robey.  A little creative licence was taken on two flowers and also the fence gate.  Not sure if I'm happy with the fence gate change or not so thought a photo to review on my blog would be a good way to check it out.  But now realize I should have hooked more around the gate to be sure.  Therefore more needs to be hooked before I decide.
Below is the original hooked piece Tonya hooked as her master sample for the design and you can see the fence gate and other flowers below. As I'm comparing the two pieces and rug color choices think that I might re-hook a couple flower stems on the left side.  First will be the S shaped one at the top left and will make it more like the leaves at the top of the tree.  

AND... think I'll hook in a more pink wool provided like Tonya used in her rug for that dangling flower.  Funny how you don't notice stuff when you're so close to it and hooking.
Another interesting note...... when I copied and pasted the last picture from Tonya's web site notice the size of her pattern/kit is 16 x 26.  So perhaps the kit I purchased from ebay was a special purchase size as the one I'm working on is 25 1/2 x 35.

Have a great evening everyone, will bore you (hopefully) with an update on my changes and additions tomorrow.



  1. Saundra, you are still going strong while I'm just not doing much but at least, I feel a whole lot better. Just can't get motivated under a grey sky but thankful for mild temperatures.

    I need to get started on something but just can't seem to get going. I got my licence plates stickers on today, that's about it. Trying to keep a little calf alive who doesn't want to eat.My son treated her this evening and hopefully she'll eat tomorrow.

    Keep up the good work and stay warm.


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