Monday, December 28, 2015

Sheep Rug and Weather

Will bore you with an update on the sheep pattern, which is from Woolley Fox.   It was originally a design called Flag Day Sheep but I've taken some creative license.  Some of that creative license was not drawn properly as the top border was 1/4" smaller than the other sides so changed that.
I also moved up the star on the left just a tad so there will be two stars above the sheep, the moon encroaching the border (I like that idea), and not sure if I'll make a smaller star just below the sheep's chinny chin chin or not.  Right now, me thinks not but I've been known to change my mind.

There's only 3 days left in 2015 so I'll have to work my buns off to get this done by the end of the year.

A few days ago Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) showed new blooms on her forsythia bush and now I've them on mine.  Poor things don't know what season we are in.  Of late it has been in the 70s but today in the 40s.  Tomorrow is supposed to reach 71 and then winter returns to show us that mother nature is still in charge and reminding us it really is winter.
So enjoy this soon-to-end balmy weather folks because it is all about to change.  And the poor folks in Texas.  The horrific tornadoes and now snow. 

Wishing you a pleasant evening with lots of hooking, stitching, punching or quilting.



  1. That hook of yours better be a smokin'!!!
    Your weather has been much milder than ours, but still....we are in the 30's with rain so I really can't complain (much).
    Hugs :)

  2. I bet you're going to git her done this year. Like Lauren said, that hook of your better be a smokin! I know you can do it. You might be burning the midnight oil.

    Nothing blooming here, we're at the North Pole and I think Santa might be our neighbour. It's -16༠C. or 3.2 ༠F. Got a fire in the wood stove going and feeling cosy inside.

  3. Love your mat!! Thats alot of hooking,,,, tho having a deadline is good!!! Happy new year,,,,, elaine allerton

  4. Nice pattern. That border will be fun to hook, plus a good way to use up worms. I still need to bind my challenge rug. I got distracted today. It's not hard. Lol


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