Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Not Going to Happen

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and was my goal to have the rug completely hooked by the end of the day.  Then changed my mind to finish it on New Years Day.  Well looks like that 'ain't gonna happen' either.

While I had hopes that elves would drop by after Christmas to help me, haven't seen any great progress on the hooking of the sheep rug in the mornings.  Plus I was out shopping today to take advantage of a $10 off coupon, plus a 30% off coupon at a local clothing store which expires tomorrow.  So I was able to get a pair of nice denim leggings originally $48 and only paid $13.52 for them.  
Okay, the pattern above I'm still working out in my mind as I look at the photo.  Regarding the hooked star ~ think it needs to be reduced in size like the one to the right of it.  And think that red outline needs to come out as it will be fine without it.  Am still considering putting a small star to the bottom right of the design.  

Those dark blue hooked lines in the background have my attention but they can wait.  Gee, I wonder how far along I'd been if I hadn't ripped out and re-hooked a few areas?

Have a great night everyone.



  1. LOL. Ripping out is part of the process, right.

  2. I'm so glad to know that you are really human like us and not a hooking robot. You still got a lot done on the rug. It really is looking beautiful.
    You really got a good deal on those leggings.

  3. You may not finish it in '15, but it will be finished very early in '16, I'm sure.
    Happy, happy new year!
    Hugs :)

  4. Love the colors you are using, I am doing a white rabbit with black background and will wait till I have it filled in to see if I need to make changes, but I notice it looks better in night light, lol.


  5. Just think of all of the wonderful finishes you had in 2015. Don't worry about a single carry over!!


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