Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Attainable for 2015

YAH!  The rug A Day in the Country will be finished within the year of 2015.  Perhaps it won't be bound right away, but will be all hooked. There's just a little more of the ground at the bottom to hook and then steaming.  Then it will 'cure', lol, for a while until it is bound.  I hate binding in case you don't remember me saying that before.
Then I'll work my itty bitty buns off to finish the sheep rug which was started before Cape May rug camp.  This is how the picture looked like posted on my blog just before leaving for camp this past September. 

Heavens, there wasn't much hooked at the posting in September before camp compared to what it looks like now.  So I must have accomplished some hooking on the ferry ride to Cape May and the night before starting Nantucket Broom Ride.  But still a lot to do to finish the sheep by 2015 end.
And for those of you wondering what I'm doing covering the Flag Day Sheep pattern from Woolley Fox, this is what my goal is.
To set the record straight, I've hooked numerous Americana designs, several patterns which have flags on them so I am definitely pro America.  But those sheep images are so close but facing different directions that think I'd prefer a rug similar to the bottom.  Besides, that was an adorable rug I recall seeing in the classroom area the first year at Barb's and fell in love.

Today I gave a gift to a friend of mine, Jon, who admires hooked rugs and likes my work. He has a cat named Dax and saw an adaptation of an antique mat I was working on (the bottom one in the picture below). Jon commented that he loved it, reminded him of his cat and if I ever decided to sell please let him know.
Well Jon makes minimum wage and is the caretaker for his mother so decided to hook another just for him.  It is the top mat which I gifted Jon today and he was very happy ~ which made me happy.  

All my gifts are wrapped and will spend Christmas day with my son, Cathy and grandson Zach.  Hope you can enjoy the Christmas eve tomorrow before the hustle bustle of Christmas Day arrives.



  1. I honestly love that rug!
    Of course I love the sheep too.
    How very sweet of you to gift Jon with this.
    It is wonderful of him to take care of his Mom!
    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas with your family!
    Bless you, hugs to Ben too!

  2. Merry, merry Christmas, my friend.
    Oh, I am envious of all you get hooked. So close on a Day in the Country.
    I love what you are doing to Flag Day Sheep. I have that pattern, too, and may just have to be a copy cat. I like the other sheep much better.
    How kind of you to gift that sweet kitty. There is a special corner in heaven for you.
    Health and happiness to you in the new year ~ and LOTS of hooking time.
    Christmas hugs :)

  3. Your rugs are looking great! Love your little cat mat!!
    Have a Merry Christmas!!


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