Saturday, December 12, 2015

Taking a Second Look

Actually this might be the fourth or fifth look but who's counting?  I wanted to see if the smidge of gold at the bottom in a flower might make a difference.  And, wanted to see if I liked my front fence gate change so hooked some background around that area too.  Think I'll put a little more gold in the other flowers at the bottom next hooking.
Just for comparison, in case you don't remember (like me) it is always nice to compare the last version to the new one.  As you can see there is a little more progress made on the rug above.  I think the gate will be okay like this with the slant from corner to corner vs. the kit picture.  If you scroll down a little you can see the original kit and the creative liberties I took.  
And......not sure if you noticed but I also changed out a few short centers of the top left flower.  The pink shows up much better and is how Tonya (MadHenPrims) originally hooked the design. 

Stay tuned to see progress.  I'm not quite 3/4 done with the hooking but am anxious to get it done and place it on my floor.  I've the perfect spot for it and the kit has been a long time waiting to be finished.

Have a great evening and hope all of you are finished with Christmas shopping and now getting in the groove of wrapping the presents.  Last year I didn't wrap my presents until Christmas eve day.  YUCK.  Not this year, they are all wrapped.



  1. Your rug is looking very nice and I agree, the pink shows up better.

    You're ahead of me. I have two presents bought, not wrapped, the house is finally decorated for the grandkids who should arrive on the 19th. I'm not planning on shopping much but I know it will be a great Christmas anyway. I'm still dragging. Next is the baking...

  2. You will be done soon and it looks great. Your gate is better than the kit's gate!
    Hugs :)


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