Thursday, December 31, 2015

Wool and Rug Update

A friend and follower Cathy asked me what wool was used to hook the curvature areas of the sheep so thought I'd post a picture.  It is a herringbone and actually am using two different herringbone pieces of wool for this rug.   

The wool on the left is a light grey & white herringbone and if you click on the photo should enlarge it enough for you to see the change of stripe direction is about every half inch.  

The wool to the right is what I'm using for the outer edge of the main design since it is a tad more bold.  That wool is double-sided and used the dark side for the legs of the sheep but in a smaller cut and the lighter side for the outer edge.
Well here it is the eve of the goal I'd set to have the sheep rug done and as you can see, it isn't.  And, no way can I get it done tomorrow New Year's Day either so may as well slow down and enjoy the process until it is finished.  
In the above photo you can see that I did remove the red strip from around the star and like it much better now.  Must tell you that the rug looks more rich in person.  And what makes it a whole lot better doing this kind of border is that I'm using up lots of strips from my worm baggies.

Come to think of it, that may be part of the reason for not meeting my deadline by tomorrow.  Seems I spend so much time looking thru my baggies for just the right wool strips when that could have been hooking time.  Oh well, it is still very rewarding knowing that I'm using up wool worms which seem to magically multiply faster than they can be used.

I'm staying in this New Year's eve and hooking and have a glass of Pinot Noir with me now.  Back in the day I was a party person but stay close to home now.  If you do go out to celebrate the new year, Please please be safe and have a cab or friend drive you home.  Enjoy the closing of 2015 and welcome in 2016.  I'll welcome 2016 behind closed eyelids.

God Bless, thanks for being my blogger friends and followers as I appreciate you all.



  1. Happy New Year dear friend. I am joining you in staying in with a nice bottle of red, my little fur baby and some wool strips. Seems like a perfect way to see out the year

  2. Like you I used to love to party on New Year's Eve but every year I'm enjoying just staying home with a glass of wine and a few nibbles. I might watch a movie.

    It's been a great year being your blogger friend as you have been so very supportive, funny and a whole bunch of other nice things.
    Good idea to enjoy the journey of hooking that beautiful rug.
    Happy New Year and all the Best to you my good friend.


  3. Health, happiness, lots of hooking time and good wine in the new year.
    My evening will be spent just like yours! Heaven.


  4. Hi Saundra,
    Even though you did not get the rug done, guess which will be your first rug finished in 2016?? I really love how it is looking and am happy you can now really just enjoy it!!! I look forward to seeing your progress!!
    Warmest Hugs to you, my friend~

  5. Very pretty colors.
    I hope you have a very happy New Hooking Year.

  6. Wishing you a happy new year! I enjoy following your blog & your rugs in process!! I never was much of a party animal & still enjoy quiet evenings at home by the fireplace with a hook in my hand!!

  7. happy new year it is great to see the wool close up. You get a feel for the texture of with sheep.

  8. Another sweet rug! Happy new year!


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