Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Update on A Day in the Country Rug

I've just turned the bottom left corner and looking forward to filling in then heading toward the front fence.  
I really like...love, the red scallop border against the primitive dark background.  Also like the mustard colored house ~ but, the one thing that bothers me is that I feel a bit of mustard should be elsewhere in the rug.  Had thought about using some in the larger flowers already hooked.  Now thinking it should be a tail, loop, tail in the center of a couple of the lollipop flowers at the bottom.  At least the mustard would have a showing elsewhere in the rug and satisfy my quest of an early lesson when first starting to hook.  That lesson was to have the same color show up at least 3 different places in the rug to make the eye follow.

If anyone is interested in purchasing the pattern or kit you can contact MadHenPrims.  As mentioned previously, I chose to not have the wool cut so that I could cut whatever size suited me at the time.  Sometimes I like a smaller cut to fill in a sliver of an open space but my go to cut size now is #8.5.

Hope you have a great warm and comfy evening.



  1. You're making great progress Saundra. Why not add mustard to the little flowers below the gate. It doesn't need much to move the eye.

    I'm in relaxed mode this evening.
    I've had a post in draft for so long but I've lost my Mojo and can't seem to care to blog much anymore. I still don't have much energy.

    Stay safe and warm. A couple of weeks before the days starts to get longer again...

  2. cookies in the oven all the dishes from dinner are done and put away feet up and feeling relaxed. I love this rug but I have so many other rugs a head of me I need to do.

  3. Looking good. I enjoy seeing your progress and hearing your thoughts.

  4. What a fun rug!
    I've run out of evening and nary a loop pulled (but I did get to grandson's Christmas, oh excuse me, Holiday program so that took up a good part of the evening).
    Hugs :)

  5. Yes, I still follow that rule when I can, it does give a nice balance to the rug.


  6. I love the border, and the other colors too, hope to see more as you go along.

  7. This rug is coming along nicely. I agree with just a smidge of mustard showing up someplace else on the rug.
    Enjoy these warmer days ahead of us !!

  8. Looking beautiful and love that border!!!


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