Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Day in the Country Update and Cutting it Close

This is what has been accomplished on the rug so far.  Not nearly as much as I'd like but then the nice weather has allowed me to do some necessary yard work in comfort.
A couple things to point out in the photo above.... was wondering what colors to hook those other little flowers at the bottom (now covered by the brown wool) so placed yellow and mottled orange to see.  But think what is needed first is to finish the upper right part of the rug, the tree and perhaps the bottom will make the decision easier.

EEK, will I have enough brown ground wool to cover the area at the bottom?  With the remaining brown left in the kit I folded and placed in areas, plus the wool strips to the right of the picture just MIGHT be enough to finish.  The standard primitive wide cut used to be #8 but now the 'go to' primitive strip is #8.5 or sometimes even a #9.  So when I use those cuts it is only natural to pull loops up higher which uses more wool than the #8. In the event I do run short of a smidge of wool will just pull out loops in random areas and rehook with a similar color from my stash.  I've done that with other rugs before so shouldn't be a problem.

Here's a photo to show the wool sent for the fence and what I chose to use instead.  The wool on the left is an overdyed dirty white sent with the kit but thought it might be too white. I'll save that for a snowman for next winter's hooking project. Instead used another wool, that to the right. If you would like this pattern or kit please contact Tonya (MadHenPrims) from whom this kit was purchased.  I am lucky to own several Tonya hooked pieces, have hooked numerous patterns of hers, still have some in my stash and love her designs.  
That wool to the right is also the same wool used for the house on the far left in Nantucket Broom Ride, a pattern offered by Spruce Ridge Studio based on the artwork of Lori Brechlin.
This mild temperature is going to change soon so hope everyone has had a chance to finish up yard work.  And, can you believe it is just 10 days away from Christmas day?  Nope, me either.

Have a wonderful evening.



  1. You are so close!!! So have you decided what's next?
    Isn't that wool called linen and flax? I use it often. A much better choice than the wool that came with the kit.
    You're kidding me that Christmas is in 10 days. It can't be.
    Hugs :)

  2. You're getting closer and closer to the finish line and Christmas is also getting closer and closer too. While you hook I've been baking and baking. My house will be full this weekend and I need to get going on cleaning up the house. I'll do what I can and leave the rest like usual.

    We're in a snow storm and high winds. It was freezing rain this morning and the snow is heavy, just right for snowmen but who has time?

    Christmas will all come to pass and as usual, I'll put the finishing touch at the last minute. Working and getting ready for Christmas can be a challenge but I refuse to get stressed out about it. Christmas for me is about family love and togetherness and everyone pitch in the preparation.

    Hook on, sista.

  3. I love that stripped wool I just used up the last of it.

  4. I do love your color choices and the striped wool is perfect for the fence.


  5. nah, not done, no way, no how,
    just loving your rug
    hope the rest of the time before Christmas is great for you!

  6. Saundra I love that pattern! Great job hugs cheri


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