Friday, December 11, 2015

Thinking Out Loud with Pictures

Even tho I'm still hooking on A Day in the Country and have the sheep rug started before Cape May Camp I'm thinking about what will go on my frame next.  And, my dears.... that frame might be my gift to myself which will probably be arriving next week.  

Anyway, I'm wanting to hook on something smallish to fit in the area just above this copper boiling pot which holds my rolled up rugs.  That spot is just under the light switch at the corner of the room.  OH MY.... looks before I do that I need to do something about that linen edge showing on the one rolled rug.  How did I allow that to happen?
By the way, the Johnny Walker was a vintage liquor store advertisement which was made into a light by deceased (first) husband several years ago.  

So here are a few of the designs I'm contemplating starting AFTER at least one of the two remaining rugs are at least all hooked.  Binding is another thing.  I'm thinking of a mat about 10-12 X 12-14.  Here are only a smidgen of my ideas.  I like this horse, the neutral colors plus the hit and miss border. For the size I'm looking for might require eliminating the end borders.
This small hooked fish sold for $1700 but forget which auction site I found it on.  It is primitive - - small and meets the requirements I'm looking for.
While I don't live in bear country we all know we hook things we dont live around or see.  This one I like.
Yeah, another horse, but must admit that I do have a love of horse flesh.  You can see the flow here with the VERY primitive theme. Now is when I which I'd had no lessons, no rules on hooking and was free to achieve a look I want.
I'm not done looking for inspiration so if you have ideas or want to join in the primitive mat hook-in send me your thoughts and pictures.  



  1. I like the lamp!

    I like the last 2 rugs best with maybe a bit of back ground color change on the 3rd, and the last just as is.

  2. I am thinking a horse rug with the Johnny walker, goes with pub decor and keeps it prim;)


  3. Dear Saundra, I can't help you as I'm a bit of a realistic hooker and I would suggest that you get real drunk and draw your design when you can hardly hold the pencil, hahaha. Might not feel good the next day but you'll get your design done primitively.

    Kidding aside, just forget the rules and just experiment at doing a messy drawing or maybe go into regression when you were 3 or 4 years old. It just goes to prove that I can't help you a smidgen.

    Good luck with coming up with a real primitive.
    Maybe just look up Petroglyphs Images on Google and you'll come up with some very primitive horse or fish.


  4. They all look like fun, but my fave is the top horse.

  5. I adore the simplicity of that single fish.
    The colors that were used are just perfect.


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