Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Little About A Lot

This will be rather chatty about a few different things.  First, there is the update on Simple Gifts, a design by Karen Kahle.
With just the bottom part of the border left to do it will soon need to be steamed and bound.  Since some of the animals and tree limbs encroach the dark border there were a few places which where close in value. The chicken was a worry but I cut some wool strips in half which was the darker wool line between the green border and the beige/cream background.  Am hoping that will allow the eye to see the primitive legs of the chicken okay.

Topic 2 ~ With the death of Muhammad Ali I was reminded of the time my deceased husband Gary told me about meeting him at an airport.  It was during the time Gary was catching red eye flights between California and Maryland for his employment with IBM.  

Gary said Ali was kneeling down talking to a child and was very gentle and gracious to him and parents.  Ali even took the time to shake Gary's hand and they exchanged conversation.

Ali was on top of the world at that time and in the beginning of his career I wasn't fond of his arrogance and bragging.  Soon I realized that was part of the psychological game playing with his opponents. Plus Ali did have the speed, talent and long arm reach to back it up. And, well,  you  must admit he was a 'pretty' man.  In this reflection back to that time it was fun to remember bets that Gary and I would have on who was going to win.  Rest in peace Ali.

Topic 3 ~ As all of you who read  me on a regular basis know, I've always something planned 'for the next one on the frame'.  Think I know what it is but not going to share that information just yet.  After all, I've Simple Gifts to finish and bind first.  Then will go back to my grandson's rug for a while.  ..... .....

BUT, will also start a new one to work on at the same time and it won't be one from my stash.  That is just a teaser for now to keep you all checking back.  Don't bother to bait me with free wool or patterns because I'm not squealing.  You'll just have to wait and see.

Besides, Tuesday the Sears service man will arrive and if weather is good I'll be cutting my field of weeds.

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. Always the tease!!! Maybe we don't want to there.
    Hugs :)

  2. It's not nice to be a tease. Good luck with your mower.

  3. Can't wait to see what you have for your next project. People always judge others by their outward behavior, but a lot of people who act like bears are really the sweetest people;)


  4. Simple Gifts looks great. Loving all the purple spots. I'll have to try and keep purple in mind for my rugs. There is no point telling us what your next project will be because we all know you will change your mind. Lol

  5. Your mat is almost done!! Its looking great,,,, love ,,,, thanks for sharing,,,,

  6. Hi Saundra,
    Your rug is so beautiful and you are almost done......amazing work, as always! Such a nice story about Ali! Thanks for sharing that with us!
    Can't wait to see your newest project! Maybe it will inspire my slump!
    Hooray on "Mower Repair Day!"
    Enjoy your week!
    Warm Hugs~

  7. WooHoo! You're SO close to finishing this wonderful rug! I love everything about it!

  8. How interesting about Muhammad Ali. I remember his poems he was always saying.He suffered so much at the end of his life. That was a nice story, hugs cheri


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