Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Publications to Keep in Touch

There are new hookers developing all the time ~ I was one once as each of us were.  But the choice to continue hooking is dependent on learning how to overcome those obstacles and unhappy loops.  I'm not talking about the 'right way' I'm referring to over coming the bumps we newbies encounter as we start.

Way back when starting the blog mentioned that I was self taught and read the instructions in a pattern book by Kindred Spirits as well as Rug Hooking Magazine.    They gave me the basics but still didn't have a grasp of the process or the direction I wanted to go.  So it was a definite work and, as my dad would say.....'practice makes perfect'. Below is a photo of the current issue or RHM.

Here is the next issue of RugHooking Magazine which hasn't reached my door yet.  But you can click on the link above to subscribe to either or both.  

Another great informative magazine is ATHA Art of Rughooking.  
If anyone is getting ready to attend a rug camp anytime soon there is an article in there which will help.  Here is the magazine contents; as you can see it is well worth the subscription price.
OH!!!!!  Coming in a future publication will be about primitive hooking. I understand there will be numerous articles written by different people, and am looking forward to it as one article and rug will be written by Barb Carroll .

Getting a yearly subscription is far cheaper than buying the magazine at the book store.   And, if you are far away from other hookers and can't afford time away from family to attend a camp this is the best alternative to learn and see what is happening in the rug hooking world. 

Hope tomorrow I'll have more to share on my rug in progress.

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. I am a magazine junkie! One can learn so much ~ or just drool while looking at the pictures.
    Happy June :)

  2. I am with lauren I am a magazine junkie and I love both of those magazines. It has a lot of good information in them

  3. Love my magazjnes, too,,,, I have not got my new rug hooking mag yet either,,, and 4 of my friends have!! I will wait before I call them,,, I also get atha,,, love it very much,,, waiting for the new one,,, they are great sources,,,, take care ,, happy june,,,

  4. I love Rug Hooking Magazine but there were only 2 places in town that sold it and only had a few copies each. I haven't been able to get the last 2 issues. Grrrrr. So last week I ordered a subscription and now will have to wait for the mail to send me one. But at least I won't miss one.

  5. I always love the details and the colors in the rugs.
    I am also amazed how some are so precise to look reslistic, and others so endearing to my child's heart that they delight me just to see them.

  6. Hi Saundra,
    Yes, I'm a magazine junkie, too!!! It's so nice to be addicted to something SO GOOD!!!
    Thanks for always sharing such helpful info!
    Warm Hugs~


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