Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Wool Marriage Didn't Work

Well, ya have good days and bad days.  Thought that marrying the darks would be a good idea but there weren't very good bleeders in the bunch.  Here is what I started with.  That Dorr #44 green wool isn't this light in person.  But thought it would be good to get some black to bleed and maybe even release some blue to spread around to the other guests in the pot.  Really wanted mottled dark sections in the Dorr.
With some soapy water in a large pot there was over a yard total of various wool you see above.  I brought it to almost bubbling and simmered for quite some time.  Did see some color releasing in the pot but not as much as I'd hoped.
After a well cooked pot of wool I glugged over half cup of white vinegar and let it simmer a little longer.
Seems there was some change made to the wool but not the magnitude I'd hoped.  Oh well, regardless it is all primitive dark and will be used in antique adaptations or other rugs that I hook.

This evening I'm quite content working on my grandson's rug in hopes of accomplishing a little more on the background.  Plus I've still Simple Gifts to bind so just gonna chill before starting my next project. Besides, as Kim says.....I'm always changing my mind who knows what the next project will be.  So true.

Have a great evening; I am totally loving this lower temp, lower humidity and no rain weather.



  1. you are right it still looks good. I am still plugging away on my rug looking for the right green for the leaves or a mix of greens.

  2. What a fabulous white enamel pot !!!
    Love those for dying wool.

  3. It was a hot day in California. We had a earthquake last night!
    The colors don't look bad. Cheri


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