Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday Antique Rug Show

Don't want my blog to be a 'same ol same ol' and make you bored so instead of an update on a rug project will show you some antique rug pictures.
Just love this dog rug.  The auction site says it is late 19th century early 20th century.  The shape of this dog looks so close the shape of a Magdalena dog pattern that I hooked below.  
If it is a new hooked adaptation in the first photo they did a damn good job to make it look old!  BTW, I ALWAYS label my rugs as "ANTIQUE ADAPTATION" so as to not fool or confuse a buyer.
Here is an antique of two horses Fred and Maud which is stated to be circa 1900.
Auction site just indicated it was an 'interesting colorful folk art rug pot of flowers and stars.  Provenance wasn't given.
Here is a Hutchinson designed rug called "Dreams that Sustain me". I'm sure you have seen antique rugs where it is a fireman who 'saves the women first' and other colorful humorous sayings.
Just love the dog rug above which was in a collection of a Mt. Crawford home late 19th early 20th Century which recently went for sale.
Don't have provenance on this one but was being sold by an auction site.  Good shape and color if an antique ~ Swans and Water Fountain.
Must have a cat rug for Kelley... so here's a mama cat and kittens with scroll border.

Okay kids, time for me to fix my dinner, my boy Ben already had his and his walk.  Then want to work a tad more on my grandson's Sports Rug before I give you an update.   


  1. You just find the best rugs, but I like your Mags the best.
    Hugs :)

  2. Love it was in an antique shop this weekend and found a few old rugs.

  3. Loved them all,,,,, but especially the pot and flowers,,thanks for the show,,,,, happy hooking,,,,

  4. nice show, I love to study old rugs...thanks for the kitties! the orange one is cracking me up...perfect crazy kitty...

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Another great show! I pinned several of those rugs to my Pinterest board earlier so it was nice to see them again! The kitty rug is so sweet and I sure do love kitty rugs, too!!
    Enjoy your week and stay cool!!
    Heart Hugs~


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