Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday Chit Chat

There was a severe thunderstorm watch for my area and a few counties near there were tornado warnings which were in a path to pass me. Thankfully it was only high winds, lightening and rain for a few hours. Frankly, with what has been going on in weather and madness in the rest of the US am considering myself very lucky.

Anyhoo, here is an update on my grandson's Sports Rug.  
I'm scared there may not be enough of the blue wool for the rest of the background ~ it will be  very CLOSE.  In the event that does happen I do have the notes used to dye this lot so can replicate it.  However, there are variables which change the results.  

Even the same water from my well will change the color of the dye job depending on drought or wet weather.  Also, dye lots of natural wool purchased from the same vendor will have an effect on the results.  But will deal with all that IF I run out of this blue.

On another note, today received an order for 18 patterns from my favorite person just when I thought that well was dry.  Thankfully they don't have to be received until toward the end of July and no commitments.  Of course it will bite into my hooking time but am thinking of it as making purse change to buy wool or patterns at rug camp in September.

The local weather indicated the storm just might turn around and come back.  Yup.  It is thundering and getting dark again so will have to shut this post down and turn off the computer.

Hope all is good with you and yours.



  1. Well I hope you are safe and high and dry. love your rug as always and 18 rugs sounds great.

  2. Your mat looking great,,,, thats great 18 patterns,,,, nice,,,,
    Glad storm passed,,,, take care,,,

  3. Ugh, I hate those kind of storms. Not a big fan of lightening. Rug is looking good. Love the flags


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