Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Reveal and Feeling Nostalgic

Decision is made and here is the first of the wool pulled which I think may go in my rug.  I'll start with the golds and reds first.  Wow.  I'm shocked to see how bright that 3rd gold wool looks in the photo.  That is a double-sided gold which doesn't look nearly that bright on that side in person.  What a difference a flash makes.
And here is the reveal.  Yup, decided to go with Ned.  Lucky me got this pattern for half off because of a very minor mishap in the back leg of Ned.  Hey, makes me happy.
For now I've folded up my Grandson's Sports Rug and will play for a few days on a rug just for my pleasure.

Now to the nostalgia ~ While going thru a chest discovered some tee shirts I hadn’t seen in years.  Several were shirts received at foot races when my ex and I used to do that on weekends for entertainment.   In the beginning Bruce didn’t want to stay for the awards after the race but once I told him I wanted to stay.  Damned if I didn’t win first place in my age category.  From then on I made him stay until the awards were given out.  I continued to win in the top of my age category often, plus you also learn your time.  

The tee shirt I wore the other day was from a race in April 1992 when I lived in Columbia, MD.  A 10K (6.2 miles).
At first I didn’t keep track, tho think there is a box somewhere in the house which has my trophies and booklets with each person’s time for the particular races.  But, the other day when I pulled the tee shirt to wear around the house noticed I had documented my time at the bottom of this shirt with a Sharpie.
Hey, that time ain’t bad time for a woman who was 50 ½ at the time of the race and for a 6.2 mile race, the longest race I'd ever done.

I didn’t particularly like 10K races (6.2 miles) and have NEVER considered running a half or full marathon ever (that was for your benefit Robin Carroll).  Bruce and I mostly liked the 3K, and 5K races for entertainment and exercise.  I believe that particular Clydes 10K race was the last one I ever ran.  Now I walk and the thought of running hurts me everywhere, lol.

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. I look forward to watching your progress on Ned. Perhaps you will inspire me to start mine.
    Happy almost hump day.
    Hugs :)

  2. Good for you that is amazing! I hate running and always have even as a kid. But I do love to walk. I like your new rug

  3. Walking is my speed. Looking forward to seeing Ned come to life.

  4. walking is it for me. Although we walked to the light house last Sunday (10 miles) and that was tough. But we recovered. It was just a beautiful day, we loved it.
    Have fun with your new project!

  5. Always fun starting a new mat,,, good for you,,,,
    Winning all the races,,, too,,,,
    Have a great day,,

  6. Will enjoy seeing the progress on Ned.
    Bike riding is so much easier on the body compared to running. Our whole family used to run, now we are a biking family !

  7. Ned's a good one. Bet you'll have fun with him. Fun look back in time.


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