Sunday, June 19, 2016

Switching Rugs on the Frame

All of Ned has been hooked and one row of background hooked all around.  It was fun to play for awhile so will contemplate the colors for the butterfly and flower until he goes back on my frame.  Looking forward to more play time.
Now it is back to work on my grandson's sports rug as I want to be sure it is fully hooked and bound by December.

Sorry for the short post but figure no one will be reading my blog since everyone will be busy with Father's Day celebrations.  That plus I've noticed a huge decline in bloggers...sadly.  

If anyone has favorite rug hooking blogs they visit which do not appear on my side bar, PLEASE send me the link so that I can add them.  

Weather wise it has been fantastic here for well over a week.  No rain, low humidity, low temps and the A/C has not had to be on at all.  I open the windows in the morning when the outside temperature is in the 50's and close them when the temperature outside gets to be 70.  That way the inside temp stays wonderful all day.

However, this is only going to work one more evening.  Starting tomorrow the heat and humidity will rise and this may be the last 24 hours this great power saver will work to my benefit.

Have a great Sunday evening.  And for you worker bees I'm sorry that tomorrow is Monday for you.



  1. Woo hoo! Ned looks great.
    You will get grandson's rug hooked and bound long before "C" comes around!
    For sure this worker bee is sorry that tomorrow is Monday.
    I lost 2 more followers :(
    Hugs :)

  2. Ned is looking fine! You must have very organized wool in order to keep switching projects. I'm lucky to handle one at a time

  3. Ned looks great!! Love him,,,, its been hot here ,, in southern ontario,,,,, real hot today,,, then a cooler trent coming,,,, like the cooler better,,,, you are very organized,,,, enjoy ur blog,,,,


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