Friday, June 17, 2016

Having Fun with Ned

In case anyone hasn't noticed from previous posts, I adore Barb Carroll and her hooking style.  Classes with her are cherished and never to be forgotten.  So hooking Ned has been a journey in memories of lessons learned and am taking time hooking Ned and having fun.

Yeah, am disappointed more didn't get hooked on Ned before posting this picture and almost thought of putting an antique rug show instead. 
Notice the mane and hoofs... Think I mentioned previously the mane was strips from my worms.  Well, the hooves are also and different colors.  I recall Barb saying..."It (whether it be antlers, collar, hooves, etc.) must be different and special".  So that is what I'm trying to do with Ned.  

The second hoof from the left is a piece of wool Barb gave me to use for the collar on CHUM (below).
Here is a full view of Chum.  I'm certain it the same woman hooked both Ned and Chum.  When I replicated the pattern there was a round circle on the dog's collar as if it were a tag, bell or maybe just a metal ring. There was also a ring under the chin of Ned so maybe I'll have to hook that in Ned as well.  As you can see I covered it up with the halter. 

Am trying to channel the child in me that Barb has helped me release in my hooking.   Or at least with Ned I've allowed myself to be more free.  

Have a great weekend everyone.  I've grass to cut tomorrow LOTs of grass.  Then will play with Ned a bit.  Hope you are enjoying my fun journey with Ned.



  1. It's so hard for most of us to break the rules....but it looks like you're off to a good start. What a fun piece.

  2. It looks wonderful and I always love different.


  3. Doing great!
    I "heart" Ned!

  4. Love ned!! Great start,,,, its a beautiful day ,, sunny, sunny,,, love this weather,,, not too hot ,, yet,,,,,
    Good hooking weather sittjng outside in the shade or evening,,,, take care, have a good weekend,,,,

  5. I always enjoy my journeys of your work and thoughts.

  6. I love what Barb does with rugs, let that inner child play!! I love what you are doing with Ned!

  7. Hi Saundra,
    I just LOVE Ned!!! He is quite the dapper fellow!!!! How I would love to take a class with Barb Carroll!! I'm sure she appreciates all of your kind words and no doubt many have followed your advice!! I think she will totally approve of him!!!
    Try not to work too hard and hope you are staying cool!!! It's in the triple digits here......120 yesterday!!!!! Now THAT IS HOT!!!!!!!!
    Enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~


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