Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Mell of a Hess.

For a while I had a good track record for cleaning up after finishing a rug, putting all the uncut wool back on the shelf and separating out the woolie worms before starting another rug.  HA!  That record got squashed fast today. 

And look this mess.  I've pulled out some colors that will go in a dye pot with khaki or something to age it.  Don't want white in an antique adaptation when I love that yellowed dirty aged look.
And there's more mess around the corner to the left looking for the proper brown.
And Kim, you're right not to believe what I say about any next project. Seems my last comment new pattern was being drawn because it would be something from my stash of 29 patterns. Apparently I lied.

Today I did get a pattern drawn and the wool you see is the once very popular Dorr #44 green/primitive black wool.  I just might put it in a pot with some black dye along with a few other pieces of primitive dark. OR, marry some primitive darks.  Hmm, that makes more sense.  I want the green but blotches of black.  UH, this won't happen tonight kiddies but will post my results when I do.

Well tonight it is going to be my grandson's rug to work a little more.   After-all there is only 6 months until that "C" word that Lauren doesn't like to read on my blog.  Yet she does such a great job decorating for the season.

Have a great evening everyone.  Glad the grass got cut yesterday because there are gale force winds and I'd have had dry dust and grass blowing every direction.



  1. It's SO HARD to keep up with the hooking room! You are in good company.
    One of these days you will have to show us what you're hooking.
    Hugs :)

  2. Sooooo the reveal will be when?

  3. LOL. Oh and my hooking mess is way worse than yours

  4. All my craft rooms are a mess, lol. I clean them and just mess them up again, just need to be more organized and reshelving my wools and getting back to dying is something I need to do.


  5. I do try , too,,,,, tidy up after rugs,,,, and put strips back in the right color box, etc,,,, that got behind a few mats ago,,,, then though ,, do a scrappy,,,, still more mess,,, cant wait to see ur new mat,,,,, take care,,,

  6. I am always in the middle of something.


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