Friday, June 10, 2016

Old Rugs

I'm drawn to the patina of the old rugs and wonder about the stories they could tell.  Wish I had that ability to feel the rug and see the past history.  Meanwhile will just enjoy the beauty and imagine.
Above is a well worn Duck and Berries from the Textile Museum of Canada.  Wonder if the letters are French Canadian and/or what it means.  Interesting rug and nice hit and miss hooking, sad it is so worn.
A 19th century rug with lone small horse in the center.
Folk Art Cats in the circle with Tulips and 8 point stars.  Nice indigo center.
Here's a pair of beautiful horses from 19th Century Pennsylvania.  The bridles and reins add the color to an otherwise neutral colored rug. Love the hooking style of the horses.
Above is a quoted "horseshoe and cat rug found in Marietta, Ohio 1700s".  Only typing what the auction site said.  It surely does look worn.
A Floral and Scrolls rug from an Estate Sale in New England states.
Not so sure this fish swimming with the clam shell corners is old but thought it might be interesting to some. 

Boy have I been lazy.  My house needs cleaning, windows need washing but I've been chillin' and working on my grandson's rug. 

Have a great weekend for you worker bees.



  1. Hi Saundra, I am catching up with everyone. I love old rugs too. The colors seem to age well. I love when you have a hooked rug show. Hugs cheri

  2. Great rugs and wondering if the letters are their idea of how a duck sounds, lol.


  3. I really love the hit and miss borders. I wish I could master that

  4. Thanks for posting these Saundra. I'm drawn to what I'll call the marbleized wanderings of the first rug and the thicker marbleized borders of the second.

  5. Enjoyed the show,,, thanks saundra,,,,

  6. I always enjoy your old rug shows. There is just not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything.


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