Saturday, September 17, 2016

A New UFO Has Emerged

I'm no longer enamored with the paisley using my worms.  Plus it isn't something I'll enjoy working on even the night before first day at camp or waiting for my turn for my teacher.
So this piece will be waiting for me when there is nothing ready to go on the frame.  Perhaps by that time I can figure out if I want to do slanted rows of all red, or a row of blue, row of green, row of purple...and I'm referring to the outside paisley shape but alternately changing the inside shape.  

NOW?  Heck, don't know but I've got to act fast to get something ready since I'm leaving at 0930 tomorrow morning to catch the ferry ride.  I'm so exhausted from lots of work yesterday and today in getting the house, yard, and camp stuff ready.  Yesterday I logged 14,226 steps on my fit bit which is more than a normal day of course.

And just a few minutes ago when I sat at the computer I received a message saying I only needed 8 more steps to make my goal of 10,000 steps.  Ya know my butt got off the chair and started counting steps thru my kitchen and into the office.  BUT, it took 25 full steps to reach what Fitbit said would be 8.  Why is that??  

Isn't counting from putting one foot step first and then on the second count of the other foot as one step?  

Okay, gotta run and figure out what to take and hook at camp in the extra time.  So I'll say ta ta for now but will have my iPad at Cape May in case anyone wishes to write.



  1. have a safe and fun trip to camp...I know you'll come up with something fun to hook while waiting on the about a small seasonal mat... I'll be posting about my method for scrappy hooking while you're gone...

  2. Have a great time and take lots of pictures to share so I can pretend I was there too.

    Safe travels.

  3. That paisley doesn't look like something fun to hook, but I'm sure you will finish it some day.
    Safe travels! Have a wonderful time at camp and bring home lots of pictures to share.
    Happy hooking :)

  4. I have had rugs I got tired of and let it sit and then got inspired again, something will click and make you want to hook it later. I hope you have a wonderful time and look forward to hearing about the retreat.


  5. Hi Saundra,
    That rug looks like quite a challenge to hook and it would probably end up never getting done if it was in my "to do" pile! Actually, NOTHING is getting hooked by me at the moment, but am hoping that will change soon since it is finally, finally getting cooler here!!!
    I hope you have a wonderful time and will look forward to hearing about it when you get back!!! Enjoy yourself!!
    Heart Hugs~


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