Saturday, September 3, 2016

Remember Ned?

Ned is finally bound and ready to take to Cape May for the rug show.  It is a pattern purchased from Woolley Fox.
When first pulling the pattern from my stash to hook thought that I'd hook it like the original which is shown below but changed my mind and went with a dark background and other changes.  There isn't a label ready to attach to the back of my hooked version yet but when I have 8 new photos ready to print on fabric will use the antique picture as the photo on the label.
After mine was hooked I saw a photo of Jo Leedy Ritter Wick's  hooked version and was sorry that I didn't hook mine like the original.  Jo did such an amazing job!  Just look at this beauty.  Great job Jo and I'm envious.
Now I've got to finish up the last hooking on Turkey and Tallowberries so that one can be bound and taken to Cape May in 2 weeks.  




  1. I like how your Ned pops off the dark background.

  2. Great rug! I hate to be dumb, but what animal is Ned? Melinda

  3. I love how your Ned turned out.
    I knew you would get T & T hooked and bound before Cape May!!!
    Happy Labor Day :)
    Hugs ,

  4. I really like your version the dark background makes it pop.

  5. I'm always amazed how the same pattern can look so different with each person's version! Ned was such a fun rug to hook, my rug even traveled to Sauder this year. I love your Ned too, a dark background is usually my choice but decided to try and hook this one like the original. You're getting everything done for Cape May. Interesting how a deadline can get us moving at top speed!!

  6. P.S. Thanks for posting a picture of my version of Ned!

  7. Hi Saundra,
    Each NED rug is wonderful and how fun to be able to take the same design and put your own twist on it!! I prefer the dark colors for myself but would love to have any of those rugs in my home! Thanks for sharing all of them!
    Heart Hugs~

  8. Love both versions of Ned. I am always drawn to dark backgrounds. I never doubted you would get him done!!


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