Friday, September 23, 2016

Honey's I'm Homme.......

Must admit that having fun is exhausting.  So exhausting that I chose to stay home tonight and chill instead of visiting my pals at wine tasting. Uh, think I've had a lot of wine tasting over the last 5 days.  Besides, I wanted to spend time with my boy Ben.  He's given me lots of kisses and love eyes.

And, since I've been gone we had the official day of fall.  Here is a pumpkin doll I made a while ago and the picture taken before it was given the aging technique.
Now, as a teaser for Cape May adventures, and to give me a day of rest before checking pictures, here is a photo of our wonderful and beautiful teacher Kris Miller who has Spruce Ridge Studios.
I've had Kris as a teacher before and will have her again this November in Ocean City, MD.  

Was wonderful to get away but feels good to be home with my boy Ben and my own bed.  OH!  And not to mention feeling good about getting back to my normal eating habits.  



  1. Can't wait to see your photos of the retreat but I bet you are enjoying some quiet time at home tonight.


  2. Isny it great to go away,,,but sooo good to be home,,,, I bet u had a great time,,,, so fun,,, cant wait to see photos and what u did there,,,, take it easy,,,, I always miss my pet,,, when away,,,,😊😊

  3. happy times with Ben! looking forward to seeing your camp hooking...

  4. Hi Saundra,
    Welcome Home!! I know Ben is thrilled to have you back and even though it is always fun to get away, there REALLY IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!!
    Looking forward to seeing your pictures soon!! Now, get some rest and some puppy kisses!!
    Heart Hugs~

  5. I'm sure Ben was VERY HAPPY to see you!!!


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