Tuesday, September 13, 2016

OH NO.....

...there's nothing on my frame!!  
Have no fear as the hit and miss 12" square mat is all hooked.  Seen below on my antique school desk the edges of the foundation have been stitched, trimmed and turned under for the photo.
Tomorrow I have another eye appointment to sign forms before my first cataract surgery coming in October.  So while impatiently waiting I'll start binding the little mat.  It is ready to go with me in this little handy and cheap basket picked up somewhere.
Still have lots to do before I leave on Sunday but at least I've started. Some things have to wait until the last minute but yesterday I cut the majority of the yard with the riding mower saving Ben's backyard until just before leaving since his cut more often.

Haven't packed my suitcase yet because the weather surely will change. Stay tuned and will show you what goes on my frame between now and Sunday when leaving.

Happy Tuesday to you all.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    Wow, you have certainly been able to do a lot of checking off your list!! Your little hit and miss mat is darling and sounds like you will be able to get it done before you go!!!
    Packing should not take too long and then you are good to go!!!!
    Enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~

  2. Nothing on the frame??? That is shocking. Your mat is sweet. I've been hooking on mine, too, between all my running. I just needed something totally mindless.
    Happy Tuesday to you, too.

  3. That is a wonderful piece and fun to use up our worms, though I tend to cut as I go, so not too many.


  4. nice little scrappy mat...I just put another one on the frame...not allowed to start hooking until I prep a few chairpads...

  5. Sweet mat!! Love it,,,, you sound pretty well ready!!
    Have a great weekend when ur away!!! Take care,,,

  6. Can only imagine your excitement in preparing to leave Sunday! Cape May is on my bucket list!! I will be waiting & watching your travels & hooking!

  7. Great little finish!! I knew you would do it.

  8. Your hit & miss matt is great !!! Have a good time in Cape May , sounds like a lot of fun !!!

  9. Saundra you are so quick at your hooking. Wow your done!
    One thing I noticed after the cataract surgery is that there is a reflection off the lens in my eyes. It looks like there is a light like a dogs eye except its a white light . Weird! Lol
    My daughter noticed in my eyes I thought she was teasing me but I saw it one day in my mirror hugs cheri


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