Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hooking Paisley Shapes

Since my hit and miss mat is all hooked and nothing on my frame decided to pull out a smallish (9 x 25) Paisley Star Tread sold by Fraser. Numerous times I'd thought of selling the pattern since it should be hooked with a narrow cut but something made me keep it....who doesn't love paisley???

First I attempted to hook accommodating the spikes in the paisley; pulled out the loops and put it back in my stash.  Next morning decided I needed a fix with what few hours allowed in a day to relaxation. Remember I'm getting ready for rug camp, have to clean, cut grass and get the house ready for my Ben/house sitter.  And yup, pulled out that pattern again as that was the only one which spoke to me to work on now and while awaiting color planning at camp.
As you can see above I've chosen to do traditional curved paisley shapes instead of the jagged shape.  Plus am trying to use up more worms but certainly won't be able to use any strips wider than #8 for this.

Haven't had time to really think this out but am considering making the paisleys using the same theme red exterior below and to right and below and to right again on the third row.

Then perhaps a different color (blue, green or gold) to either side of that slanted line.  Obviously you can tell I'm way out of my element here but I'm going to play along until I'm working on my camp rug and put this sucker away as a UFO.  At least there will be something to pull out and work on when there's nothing else on my frame again.



  1. like that your hooking it traditional shape instead of jagged...they look like a weird veggie jagged...I'd probably do the same color each paisley and change the wool...Will be interesting to see how it long is camp? Ben will think it's too long no matter...

  2. I can't even imagine hooking those jagged edges! I'm sure you will do the rug justice.
    Almost camp time, lucky girl.
    Hugs :)

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  4. Have fun at the rug camp,,,, love paisleys,,,, I have one too,, not the same pattern,, but hope to do it soon!! Take care,,,,,

  5. I would think the only way to hook some of those tiny jagged details is to use a VERY fine cut ! Beautiful design. Will you be taking this rug to camp, also ?

  6. Have fun at camp I can not imagine doing those I have a hard time with the wide cut.


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