Saturday, September 10, 2016


Sheesh, with 7 days and a wake-up before going to Cape May me thinks I could actually start the Paisley Stair Riser before camp.
Hey.... look at my accomplishment.  Yes, I've lots of work to do around the house before leaving but down/fun time should finish the hooking on this mat before I leave.  Or at least that is my hope.

Lots to do tomorrow in the yard but will give you an update and eventually will show you what will be on my frame at Cape May.



  1. Your mat is shaping up nicely. You must be very excited for Your trip ! Eager to see your project for Cape May.

  2. for sure you'll be starting the Paisley stair riser before camp...hope the weather cooperates for your outdoor work was way too hot to be outside here many times have you been to this camp? it would be fun to go back and see some of the same people every year...

  3. Yeah,,, you are almost finished the scrappy mat,,,,,
    I have a few unfinished things,, but will do them in january and feb when stuck indoors,,,,,
    Have a good sunday,,,

  4. You and Gayle are making me want to hook one of those scrappy mats, too. Done already?
    Hugs :)


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