Saturday, September 24, 2016

Cape May Week 2 2016

Oh boy what fun it is to go to Rugs by the Sea rug camp in Cape May. It's wonderful to visit old friendships from previous camps as well as meeting new people.

It was great to see old friend Lynne Fowler again, who was attending this week and in Jen Manuel's class. I'll show you Lynn's rug from Jen's class as well as others in progress hooked in her class a few posts from now. Meanwhile, let me show you the awesome STORY RUG Lynne hooked and was in the rug show.
In addition to the rug Lynne also provided a commentary for people to understand the story of her youth.  It is a very poignant and introspective read, one which will make you think about hooking your own story.  Lynne, I'm still feeling the emotion of your rug and not sure that I could do it for myself.  It was a wonderful rug and story.
Early in the post I spoke of seeing old friends and meeting new friends. Well these are the new friends I met this year.  Lauren of Rugs and Pugs told me that Dawn, a friend, would be attending camp and to 'say hello' if I ran into her.  From left to right is Dawn, Diane, Cynthia, Doreen and Rose.   
Run into her I did.  Well, actually, that's not the whole story. Picture this..... first day of rug camp standing in the 'chow line' with my roomie chatting.  Then this woman behind me Cynthia (in the black top) says, "excuse me, but could I go ahead of you to be with my b!+%#?  First of all we laughed like crazy.

Then, looked ahead of us to see who that might be.  Immediately wanted to check the name tag on said b!+%#.  OMG, that was Dawn. Then told Dawn I knew all about her from Lauren that she'd be there. We all became new friends and was even invited to join the Ghost Tour which I declined to stay behind with my roomie Deb.  They had a great story to tell when they returned and I purchased the book which those gals told me about.  More about ghosts and orbs later.

And here are some of my old friends it was great to meet with.  
In the foreground is Janet Reid, with back to me is Rebecca Erb,  you can barely see my pal Shari but you do osee her hand.
And of course my pal Deb Nees who is hooking away on a Lori Brechlin design sold by Spruce Ridge Studios.  There were many other old friends with whom we chatted but didn't get pictures of all of them.

Since it is such a nice day, the people who are normally at their work areas must be out in the porch.

I'm still going thru my photos, cropping, naming and will eventually post more rug photos.  You wouldn't believe how many photos I've taken and when they are posted would like to tell you who hooked what so that takes checking out the photo and renaming them.

Have a great evening and happy hooking.



  1. Such a funny story about meeting Dawn.
    Can't read Lynne's commentary on the iPad. Will have to see if it's more clear on the desktop.
    Looking forward to LOTS more Cape May.
    Hugs :)

  2. Can't wait to see your photo's. So glad you had a good time.

  3. Rug hookers always have the nicest smiles! Love how you met Lauren's friend. What a great story rug.

  4. I think I should come to this camp ~ looks like too much fun! and a ghost tour? woohoo!
    can't wait to see more!

  5. What a delightful event! You must have come home totally inspired after being surrounded by all those creative women!


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