Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pondering What To Do Next

With Turkey and Tallowberries almost bound and wanting it DONE, am wondering what I'll hook between now and leaving for Cape May camp in just 12 days. 

As my focus will be on the new camp rug when getting home surely don't want a regular size rug vying for my attention.  So I've decided to pull out this hit and miss UFO.
This is what it looked like August 16th.  And am wondering if one of my readers has decided to do one too?  Was that you Gayle?  If so, have you started yours?  Would love to see you post it when you do.  And DUH, this is NOT my design.  It is just a hit and miss and anyone is welcome to do their own thing.

Something else I'm considering starting before Cape May is this pattern.  That is IF I get bored with the above hit and miss.
One year when taking a class with Eric Sandberg he had a side workshop teaching 'light, bright, dark and dull'.  The pattern he offered for sale which was a Fraser design, was the Paisley Stair Tread. 

At that time (and still now) was a wide cut hooker using #8 cuts.  I hadn't hooked anything narrow and thought this would be a great way for me to start.  Besides, Eric is a fantastic teacher, magnificent designer and hooker. The class was enlightening and had high hopes of doing something spectacular with the design.

Then I hooked my beautiful Rottie Memorial in #4 cut.  
I love how my beautiful babies turned out, know that I do have the talent to pull off a narrow cut but do not like hooking narrow cuts.

So that is when the Paisley piece went into my stash.  It isn't a big piece and IF I end up pulling loops on it will start out with #8 and fight the system.  However, could be that more narrow cuts will be used to fill in small spots and that is doable. 

Who knows what I'll end up hooking before camp.  So stay tuned.  

What I know for sure is that soon I'll have to start a fire under my arse to get things done here before I go.

Have a great evening everyone.  Weather here is soon going to change back to the 90s of August instead of the mild temps of September.  



  1. You will finish that hit and miss long before Cape May if you stick with it for a couple days.
    T & T almost bound? You go, girlfriend.
    Hugs :)

  2. I don't think you can make it for 12 days without starting something new.. LOL

  3. I leave for star island on Monday and still I do not have my things together and I have a busy weekend.
    I need to do a hit and miss to use up some of my worms.

  4. Its hot here too,, , muggy ,,,, yuccy,,,, want nice fall weather!
    You will be excited for the workshop,, have fun,,,, you could prably fjnish 2 before you go!!! Have fun with the scrappy,,, funny , I never get bored with a scrappy,,,,,

  5. Finish that cure little Hit or Miss!! Then you will have ZERO UFOs!!!!

  6. Oh my goodness! Love your Rotties rug, you certainly do have the talent to do a narrow cut - if you want to. I have the opposite problem, want to do wide cut but just favor the shading I can get with a narrow strip. To each his own I guess!

  7. My first rugs were all in a 6 cut and I still love the look of them...just enjoy the 8's and above more...working on something with a hit-n-miss border...not enough neutrals in my worm stash to do the pumpkin and star piece...the Rottie Memorial rug is gorgeous...


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