Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Time! Where Arth Thou?

Perhaps I need to sleep less to accomplish more during the day. Seems my planned list didn't meet my expectations and was home all day. 

This is all that I've accomplished on my rug since the last posting.  Yet there are still more patterns to draw and two rugs which are calling my name to be hooked next.  Maybe that is my problem....wanting to move onto another rug too soon.
Any newbies have questions?  I'm open for questions or suggestions on blog posts.



  1. Oh lucky you. I have no rugs calling my name and I have plenty to choose from!
    I have a hard time completing my daily task list, too. I need a course in time management!
    Hugs :)

  2. Loving this rug! I am itching to get a rug on my frame but I am determined to declutter first. I have a truck load for our local thrift store and still not through. I am a pack rat but my adult special needs daughter is worse than I am. Every toy/doll/stuffed animal she has ever had , she still has. Heaven Forbid you try to give any away or pack away.

  3. I'm like Glenda, still trying to de-stash. You've got the main parts done so the rest will go quickly and you can move on soon

  4. I don't have that problem of wanting to start another project before completing the one I'm working on as I have way too many other things distracting me away from from hooking. Your rug is coming along just fine. I think time or I should say lack of time is a factor for many of us too.


  5. I'm wanting to move on to another rug too, but trying to finish one hooked rug, one punch needle, bind one rug, labels on 3 rugs, Applique a small pumpkin mat, pictures for the "finished" album, sew a period dress for historical park where we demonstrate the art of rug hooking, and least favorite, paint the spare bedroom! So glad I'm retired!!!

  6. I always wondered how some people can make an entire rug. Wow !. I drive a lot as my work sends me different places, but when and if I get time, may be I will make a small rug ( the one from craft stores). Then I will get idea.

  7. Hi Saundra,
    I know what you mean and sometimes feel like the faster I try to get things done, the slower I seem to be!! Maybe we just try to do too much!
    I guess when I look at your rug and what you have done so far, all I can say is.......WOW!!!!
    Hope you have a productive and creative day, my friend!!!
    Heart Hugs~

  8. Have you heard the expression "woman plans, God laughs." My plans never seem to come out like I want them to. But being retired sure helps.

  9. I don't know where my time goes. Too many irons in the fire. I try to be realistic about my To Do list, but alas, I continue to fail to complete things. Good luck!


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