Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Birthday Lion Update

Actually not much of an update if you compare it to the previous picture a few posts back.  But in my defense I've been doing end-of-season yard work and after last night's storm there is even more to do.  Plus desperately trying to clean up my wool room before the next camp in 10 days.  OY!  What a task.
As mentioned before, Birthday Lion is a design by Bill Laraway.  Isn't it the cutest, least fierce lion you've ever seen?  He almost looks like he's smiling and reminds me of a carousel ride from my youth.  You could probably get any size you want but this one is 20 x 23.5.  I'm sure Bill would accommodate your requests for smaller or larger.  

My boy Ben will visit his recently found friends at the same kennel and am so happy they welcomed him back.  I knew he was a good boy but many people are timid around Rottweilers and Pits.  But Kathleen Marie and I know they are not all bad dogs.  We happen to have lap dogs who like head and body massages.  
BTW, Ben was adopted when he was 3 years 7 months and I feel lucky to have my boy.  Please adopt a dog rather than from a breeder farm.  There are so many homeless and owner released dog which need homes.  Sometimes people don't realize it IS an emotional and financial commitment to care for a dog like it was your family member.  And that is what Ben is to me...he is my child.



  1. What a fun pattern!
    Yes, please adopt, don't shop. So many furbabies are looking for a home!

  2. I love that Lion and especially the background, it's just awesome.

    I'm so burnt out looking after farm animals like cows, calves and so many cats that I don't thing I'm ready to adopt a dog or (cat) unless I became a widow. I have a big two legged doggie that requires a lot of my attention and that's all I can handle right now but I agree if you're looking for a pet, please adopt.
    Hugs, julia

  3. I really love that lion if I didn't have so much I wanted to hook I would get him. Your Ben looks like a big baby but I would not want to meet him on a dark porch.

  4. you know,I love this rug! oh yes...I'm 100% for adopt don't shop...makes me so happy when I see older animals adopted..the previous owner having moved to a care facility or passed away...my pets have always been my family...I chose them and they depend on me...

  5. That is coming along nicely and it is a fun rug.
    Glad that Ben has a place that you feel happy with, we do love our furry guys.


  6. Your mat is sweet,,,, love,,,
    We have always adopted pets,, had dogs for years,,,,
    Now kit kats seem to wander in,, we live in country,,,
    Now have 2 kittens,, abandoned by their mom,,, she may have been killed,,,
    They are adorable,, love them,,,
    Neighbor feeding them , while we are I Florida for november,,,,
    Will miss them,,,
    Glad ben adapted easy, so u can go again,,,
    Have a great day,,

  7. Hi Saundra,
    Your lion is sweet and will be patient and not roaring for you to finish him when you get all your other things completed!!
    I couldn't agree more about adoption!! Our grand dog Charlotte is the most loving dog and she truly is family! Every wag of Ben's tail tells you how much he love being your boy!! So happy he has found a great place to stay while mom is away!!!
    Hope you enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~


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