Thursday, October 19, 2017

Birthday Lion

This pattern (designed by Bill Laraway) was started just before leaving for Cape May rug camp last month.  I purchased two patterns and gifted one to Evelyn since she loved it so.
Evelyn finished hers and it appeared in the rug show at Cape May ~ I'm still not done.  Uh, and neither of the other two rugs are completely bound yet either.  Oh MY!

Am now wondering if Birthday Lion will even be done by the time next camp rolls around the beginning of November.  For sure the binding will be done as that is my first priority.  But at least if it isn't finished there will be something for me to work on until Betsy gets to me.

Happy Thursday.



  1. That is a fun piece and I bet you will get it done.


  2. like this one even more every time I see it...need to get a rug on the frame and finish some just gets in the way after so much vacation time...

  3. Loving this mat, saundra! Fun,, it will be almost done , I bet! Enjoy ur next workshop,, ,, take care,,,

  4. This is adorable. I really need to get back to hooking. Have a great day!


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