Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

Tis fright night, and time for ghosts, goblins, superheros and princesses to appear.  Don't think I'll have any visitors again this year as all the kids in my neighborhood have grown beyond the age of trick or treating.
You may or may not know when I go to Cape May rug camp will go in search of orbs.  People either believe or not they exist.  I do believe they are a spiritual energy.  Could be someone who has passed and attached themselves to the location or just a departed spirit roaming the halls.  
Last year at camp the book above came home with me as there is a chapter on ghosts of the Chalfonte Hotel.  So this year my search for orbs went into a part of the hotel I'd never gone before...the annex just off the restaurant side.

When Craig McManus visited the Chalfonte for ghost activity he found strong energy near room 24 and 25.  Those rooms are locked closed and never used.  Below is a photo of the landing between those two rooms.  Didn't notice any orbs or strange sensations.  Wish I had felt cold or creepy, but didn't.
I visited that area several times during 2 days to see if I could find orbs.  Many times I didn't.  Except this time........
If you tap on the photo to make it larger you can see 2 faint orbs on the stairs.  These are the stairs leading to rooms 24 and 25.  One orb is in the center toward the top and 2 stairs below on the right is another orb.  I'm very tuned into orbs but if you need help noticing, I have put a box around the same two in the photo below.
Those are not light stains on the stairs as they weren't there at other visits but then appear at will.  
Leaving the annex after visiting near rooms 24 and 25 I discovered an orb on the screen to my left. It is along stud and screen.  This is the walkway toward the dining hall.

I find most orb activity if there is a band or music in the King Edward room.  That is when I grab my digital camera and go for a walk-about.
In the photo above there is an orb on the wall just above center of the curtain.  Guess the spirit enjoyed the music because below is another orb photo taken in the King Edward room.
Notice how strong that one is under the foot of the guitar player.  Spirit must really appreciate his music.
Above you can see an orb in front of me on the right side.  
And above another orb a little closer to me on the right.  If you tap on the photos they will enlarge but these are easy to see.
Above is the class room I was in which everyone refers to as 'the dungeon' because lighting is not so good and requires Ott or other lighting to help.  Notice the two orbs on the wall between the two wall hangings.

Some orbs show more brightly than others, as you saw in one of the photos above.  
Another very strong orb in the hallway and was so excited to see it.

No tricks folks, just treats of the spirit world for you to enjoy, Happy Halloween.



  1. I believe wholeheartedly ~ and enjoyed your photos:)

  2. Very fun, I have captured some before. Will be fun to see if you find more this year.
    Happy Halloween.


  3. Kewl! Yes. I do believe in orbs...and you certainly got some good pics of some! :-) Happy Halloween!

  4. Wow, you seriously got some orbs and no kidding. I would be a bit unsettled. I hope you got your money's worth...
    Hugs, Julia

  5. I love finding orbs in my photos, even though the hubs claims it's only dust. Did you notice the 2nd orb in your photo with "Leaving the Annex" it is on the white door with the push bar, it is just about where the carpet runner and the hardwood make a V bellow the push bar.


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