Monday, October 16, 2017

More Old Patina

There was more dye solution left in my small jar (6 tablespoons) so decided to use it up in a pot of water with a tad over 1 yard of wool.  
Above, bottom right are two pieces which had previously been dyed with Old Patina but they weren't to my liking so thought another round of dye might do the trick.

While the above wool was already soaking I decided to add a little more which were parts of a woman's pleated skirt (below).
 The results are below.
For a better comparison below you can see the original plaid and the newly dyed plaid.  Maybe I'll use this wool now.  Seems to me this was part of the many various yards of wool purchased one year at Barb Carroll's when selling wool for $5 per yard.
And below for comparison is the small dyed piece which came from a pastel plaid purchased from Betsy Reed a couple years ago.  Since I don't use much pastel think more of it might make its way into a dye pot as well.
HOWEVER.......look at how it hooks up in the rug below hooked by Bonnie at camp with Barb Carroll in 2010.  The flowers at the top were hooked randomly and think sections of the wool was also used for the leaves on the sides and bottom.  Barb even brought us to her table to show us how it can be used.
So see..... every piece of wool has a happy ending.  Happy Monday everyone.



  1. I so need to dye when I get my life back I will try

  2. I love dyeing but right now I'm just surviving. Calves are being born faster that I can count. Your patina pieces are so lovely. I love the changes the dye gives pieces.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. just love the old patina look...I can't use pastels either...I try then have to replace with something richer...

  4. Nice patina on wools that were a bit bright, nice shades to hook into a rug.


  5. Wonderful dyeing, saundra! What a difference!

  6. Hi Saundra,
    What a difference!!! Love how it is aged and looks so much richer!!
    Thanks for sharing those changes!!
    Enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~


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