Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Chaos in the House

There has been chaos here the last two days having an old (won't die) TV pulled out.  Then a temporary delay for a day and finally successful installation of the new HDTV today.  

After my son pulled the TV out of the box is when I realized the old TV stand was not going to work.  That meant checking on line to see what local business had a suitable size stand for the 40" TV and then call to see if they had one in stock.  Luckily Big Lots had one and asked them to take it to the register that someone was on their way to get it.  

Ben wanted to be right in the middle of all the activity and why there WAS chaos in the house.  I tried to block his entry into a part of the living room by propping up the TV box against a rug frame but bully boy shoved his way thru a few times.  He'd step on the stand framing clanking them together, kicked the screws and just couldn't understand what the big deal was for me insisting his staying away.  Thankfully all is good now and calm has restored to our abode.

So now to show an update of my grandson's Christmas gift ~ his favorite Soccer Team logo from Barcelona.  
I can see now the "E" in Barcelona needs to be downsized.  And, the dark burgundy stripes need to be hooked a little closer so the foundation doesn't show.  

**So this is a lesson to be learned...no matter if you follow a hooking rhythm of every three holes for a certain size, it may not work depending on the structure of the wool strip.  Those strips were rather felted and hard.  So I will have to pull out the strips and hook it like a 3, 3, 2, 3, 3, 2, and see how it looks.

Have a great evening.  The rain will begin tonight but I have a great new HDTV to keep me entertained.  Now I can watch Jamie of Outlander in High density and all his glory.  AHHHHH.



  1. I watch on my lap top...the screen is small...you lucky girl!

  2. I rarely watch TV except for the weather and the stupid news. You got a lot done on that rug. It looks great.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. I watch a couple of shows but that is it.

  4. I finally got a TV a couple years ago and not sure I remember how to turn it on...lol.
    You will be done with grandson's rug soon.

  5. We got one a few years ago, amazing the difference in the quality and i don't have to wear my glasses to see it, lol. The rug is beautiful, actually like the odd sized letter.


  6. Wow,,, ur grandson mat almost done,,,
    We need a new tv,,, the old one doesnt owe us a thing,,, maybe we will get one before christmas!
    Take care,, saundra,,,,

  7. Enjoy your new TV ....I am hooking a pumpkin now with torn strips about an inch wide , so it is even more challenging to skip around & keep the foundation from showing , so I am going row by row . It looks neat , but it is hard to pull the wool thru . Your Grandson will Love his rug !!!

  8. Hi Saundra,
    Ben just has to be where the action is!!! Charlotte, my grand dog is just like that and is afraid she will miss something!!!
    You will feel like you are in the theater!!! Your grandson's rug is really wonderful and he will be overjoyed to add it to his room!!!
    Have a great week!!
    Heart Hugs~


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