Tuesday, August 7, 2018

SOLD!!! A Cheri Payne Booklet for Sale

Here is a Cheri Payne booklet "A Country Quilt Garden" for sale to first person from the U.S. to reply.  Since the FB group Quilts by Cheri is a 'no sell' zone wasn't sure where to post it for sale.  The cost of $24 includes shipping and I will send a PayPal invoice.

As none of the designs show any wool used it couldn't be listed on the Destash Anything Wool Related either.  Besides, since I'm not savvy on how to post numerous photos on one message decided to post it here and take my chances that someone may see it.  

Here is the front cover and you can see the color on the sides are worn a little but all pattern pieces are attached and not cut out.
Inside front cover.
Colored page is page 23 on right.
Below are the colored designs in the booklet from quilts to articles of clothing.  There is a pattern for the Country Vest included but the bib jeans is not a pattern, just showing how to decorate them with some of the designs in the booklet.

There are a total of 52 pages in the booklet,  all pattern pages are intact and never cut.  Again $24 to someone in the US and that includes shipping.



  1. Saundra, I will take the book!

  2. I'll take it! Sent you an email also thru my email plgraff@comcast.net


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